How to organize kitchen drawers? Discover Marie Kondo’s tips and more!

by Gabby

You’re cooking and need a specific spice to add to the meal, so you open the drawer and start looking, but it’s a real mess… Does this sound familiar? Stop wasting that precious time you have! Spend an hour today tidying up the kitchen drawers and enjoy the time to prepare dinner without any stress. How to organize your kitchen drawers? Like a true Virgo, I know how to help you. I have collected the best tricks, some of which were invented by the famous Marie Kondo. Let’s go!

How to properly organize kitchen drawers?

how to properly organize kitchen drawers according to marie kondo

In order to have quick access to everything and reduce meal preparation time, the space must indeed be organized properly. Get everything out first, then sort all the products and accessories into different groups. When it comes to drawers, the things we most often put in them are towels, spices, teas, utensils, and other kitchen accessories. Essentially, all the little things that are hard to store in vertical pantries. Then ask yourself the following question: “What would Marie Kondo do?” Clean, of course! So take each object and ask yourself, ”Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, then adiós! Place the item in the trash or give it away. You can sell it online or give it to a friend who needs it more than you. The next step is to clean the area. It will be easier with a vacuum cleaner. Then use a vinegar diluted in water to disinfect it. Are you ready yet? Now is the time to put everything back in place!

How to organize the compartments in a kitchen drawer?

how to arrange the comparments into the kitchen drawers ideas tips and tricks


You can always buy an organizer, after you have measured the size of your drawer. But it’s not really necessary. What I do is take hard plastic boxes like those from Ferrero Rocher. They are perfect for small spoons and forks as well as for spices in sachets. If your drawer is deep, take boxes of Pringles. Use them to organize all the utensils. You can also find useful tips on how to organize your fridge according to Marie Kondo!

How to store pans in a drawer?

how to store pans in a drawer ideas tips and tricks marie kondo

Contemporary kitchens often have deep drawers which can be difficult to organize. The best things you can put in them are pots and pans. You can also place some small kitchen appliances, such as an immersion blender for example. In this case, do not hurry to throw away their boxes. It is easier to organize them if they are in them. Otherwise, the drawer will become a complete mess again. As you can see from the photos, it’s about dividing the space properly. You can try to do it at home. Line the bottom of the drawer with a cloth to avoid scratches.

How to store spices in a drawer?

how to store spices in a drawer kitchen tips storage advice marie kondo

We use spices daily and always while cooking, which means you need to be able to access them quickly. All you need in this case are small jars. It’s better if you can find them in the same sizes. You can also reuse the jars of the foods you buy, such as beans, tomato purée or others. It is also important to label them. Some spices look identical, especially when placed in similar-looking containers. So don’t skip this step. You can print labels, buy them online, or just use a permanent marker to write on the jars.

how to arrange my spices jars small size labels marie kondo way

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