10 Things You Should Clean Every Week and Keep Your Home Bacteria-Free and Inviting!

by Kremy

What needs to be cleaned every week to make housekeeping easier? Here are the 10 things you should clean every week with our tips and guides. If you follow our tips, your house will stay clean and look pleasant for you, your family and guests.

Everyone wants a clean house. It takes a bit of time and effort to keep your home in good condition. But if you make it a habit to regularly clean the most important things in the house, it will be easier and you and your family will enjoy a clean home.

Dust All Furniture Weekly

furniture should be dusted regularly

Furniture should be dusted regularly, because dust accumulations not only look unsightly, but can also damage your furniture. Take a cloth and dampen it with a multipurpose cleaning spray, furniture polish, or water. Use a microfiber cloth that picks up the particles instead of spreading them around. Your furniture will be sparkling clean.

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Things You Should Clean Every Week: Floors

once a week you should clean all the floors


Floors in your home that are subject to heavy traffic, such as the kitchen and hallways, should be swept daily, especially if you have children or pets. After eating, a lot of small crumbs remain on the floor, which should be removed every day. But once a week, you should clean all the floors in your home, sweeping under furniture and in corners to make sure they’re free of dust and dirt.

Mild detergents are best for mopping – for linoleum flooring, use a few drops of dishwashing detergent and hot water. A combination of apple cider vinegar and water or even a baking soda for stubborn stains is also good for linoleum.

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Disinfect Your Sink Weekly

disinfect your sink weekly

According to NSF International, an organization working to protect human health around the world, the sink is the second largest item of dirt in your household. Once a week, you should thoroughly clean the sink by washing the surface with soap and hot water and then using a disinfectant to get rid of harmful microorganisms.

Take a clean sponge and scrub off any food particles and residue you see there, going into every nook and cranny as you go. You can only disinfect a surface if it’s already clean, so soap and water should always be the first step. After that, you can use a disinfecting wipe – white vinegar diluted with a little water is a good home remedy.

Vacuum Your Carpets Every Week

carpets that are heavily used should be cleaned every week

Carpets that are heavily used should be cleaned every week. Dust, pet hair, crumbs – all of these collect in your carpets and should be vacuumed regularly. If you vacuum at least once a week, your carpet will last longer because vacuuming removes all loose particles from surface and doesn’t allow them to get settled in the depth..

Clean the Refrigerator Regularly

things you should clean every week dispose of spoiled food

Before you fill your fridge, you should clean it. Clean the shelves with a natural surface cleaner. Wipe up spills and clean up crumbs and other food residue. You should check your fridge once a week to dispose of spoiled food and expired leftovers. According to a study published by NSF International, the vegetable drawer and meat drawer in your refrigerator can harbor dangerous microbes such as salmonella, listeria, E. coli and mold.

Weekly Cleaning of Kitchen Appliances

10 things you should clean every week and keep your home bacteria free and inviting

Kitchen appliances need to be cleaned from fingerprints and food. Clean the stove, microwave, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances every week, even though they may not look particularly dirty. Wipe your kitchen appliances each week with disinfectant wipes or a clean sponge.

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Wash Your Bed Sheets Every Week

germs sweat and body fat quickly accumulate in your bed sheets

Germs, sweat and body fat quickly accumulate in your bed sheets, especially in the summer season. Therefore, you should wash your sheets every week to reduce dead skin cells and dust mites. Use a natural detergent that’s tough on stains and gentle on sensitive skin.

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Clean Bathroom Surfaces Weekly

things you should clean every week bathroom surfaces

Disinfect bathroom surfaces weekly to keep your washroom hygienic. Since your toilet can spray germ-carrying water particles up to three meters into the room, you should clean your counters, mirrors and other surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. Also wash all bath mats and all baseboards. Use a microfiber mop for bathroom floors.

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Make Sure to Clean Your Toilet Weekly

clean the toilet every week

The toilet is of course the dirtiest place in your home and should be cleaned weekly. Pour bleach into a cup and use it to brush the sides and rim. Leave it on for five minutes. Use baking soda and vinegar for stains. Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda on the stain, then pour 1 cup of vinegar over the baking soda. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Then scrub the stains with a toilet brush.

Disinfect High-Touch Areas in the Home

disinfect areas in the house that are frequently touched

To limit the spread of germs and viruses, you should disinfect doorknobs, light switches, cabinet handles, faucets and handrails on a weekly basis. Use alcohol-based wipes with at least 70% alcohol. If not available, spray disinfectant on a paper towel and wipe the surfaces.



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