Which Are the Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall in Love in August 2023?

by Kristiyana

What do the stars have in store for you during summer 2023? Which are the zodiac signs who will fall in love in August? Cupid’s arrow is headed in the way of…

Which Are the Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall in Love in August 2023?

which are the zodiac signs who will fall in love in august august 2023 love horoscope

Don’t most of us wait all year long until it’s finally summer? The season of mischief, 24-hour parties and hot flings. The month of July might have been lucky for some signs of the zodiac, but others may have suffered pains when it comes to love and romance. If you’ve just been through a harsh breakup (I hear ya), or have been single for quite some time now, and are looking to get back on the market, the love horoscope for August 2023 might offer you with just the right amount of spicy you need in your life right now. So which are the zodiac signs who will fall in love in August? How will the Venus Retrograde in Leo happening this summer affect your love life? Find out now.

How Will Venus Retrograde in Leo Affect Your Love Life?

Lol, be prepared, because it can get quite messy when it comes to this astrological event. Venus Retrograde in Leo will have you questioning the relationship you have with yourself, your partner, and your friends, and by the end of it you might even be single or a few friends less. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is bad, but on the contrary. Starting on July 22 and ending on September 3, Venus Retrograde in Leo will free up more space for healthier relationships and get rid of anyone who wasn’t meant for your sparkle and shine. Now will be the time to look within yourself and understand that you deserve better.

The Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall in Love in August 2023

which zodiac signs will fall in love zodiac signs to fall in love in august


Will you meet your soulmate this summer, or maybe have a hot fling that you will remember for the rest of your days? Be on the lookout, because anyone with a sun, moon, Venus or rising sign in Aries, Leo, Libra or Sagittarius might have an August filled with love, romance and passion. But what should each look forward to?

Aries Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus

Be sure that in August 2023 you will be attracting many possible lovers. As Jupiter is moving through your first house of the self, this will bring you much confidence and belief in your self-worth. You will be feeling good in your own skin, and this will bring a lot of attention towards you. Connect with people who appreciate the real you, and aren’t afraid of your passionate fire and spirit. For those who can’t stand the heat, be sure to leave them out of the kitchen. Choose someone who can be your partner in crime.

Leo Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus

Leos are always the ones to shine brightest during summer, as that’s when they’re season takes place. However, this time around, your birthday won’t be the only reason for you to attract many possible suitors. Jupiter is set to bring many new opportunities to your ninth house, which could mean meeting someone you never expected to encounter, and, fall in love with. But things might be a little different this summer, as you may finally feel the need to seek out a relationship that is both romantic and passionate, yet stable.

Libra Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus

What does August 2023 have in store for Libra? Be sure that you will be getting a lot of love and beauty when it comes to your partnerships, and other spheres of your life. Jupiter will be moving through your seventh house of relationships this summer, which will make you want to make the most out of them. During August, you will be attracting many admirers and friendships, so be sure to put this energy in force and attract the people you’ve always wanted to have in your life. Just keep in mind that Saturn will move through your fifth romantic house, so you may have to work through the problems that have been holding you back when it comes to self-expression. Be with someone who can appreciate you fully.

Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus

Leos might be the star of the summer season, but fiery Sagittarius are not holding anything back as well. Your natural flirtatious and free-spirited nature will be sure to bring you many flings and potential suitors this August. Like it was any different last summer, right? Jupiter will be moving through your fifth house of pleasure, which will put you in the mood to flirt and go wild. If you are feeling like you crave romance, now is the time to dive deep in and embrace those powerful feelings of attraction. Kiss a stranger, give your phone number to that hot guy or girl at the bar, live in the moment.

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