Sturgeon Full Moon August 2023: How Will It Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

by Kristiyana

What date is the full moon in August 2023? Which rituals can you perform to harness its powerful cleansing energies? How will the Sturgeon supermoon affect each of the zodiac signs? All you need to know about the Full Moon in Aquarius happening in August. 

What Will the Sturgeon Full Moon in August 2023 Bring?

full moon august 2023 full moon august 2023 meaning

Did you know that August has two full Moons this year? One is the Sturgeon Full Moon happening at the beginning of August, and the other is the Blue Full Moon occurring at the end. A full moon is a great opportunity for releasing everything that’s been holding you back so far, offering you with many powerful healing energies. The Sturgeon Full Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius, which is an astrological hint to think about how much you’ve grown this year. But how can you harness this positive energy fully? And how will the Sturgeon Full Moon affect each zodiac sign? Find out now.

What Are the Full Moon Dates for 2023?

The first August Full Moon (the Sturgeon one) is set to occur on August 1st, 2023, Tuesday during the afternoon, while the full Blue Moon will be happening on Wednesday, August 30th, 2023 between 9-10 PM.

Aquarius Full Moon August 2023 Rituals

full moon in aquarius rituals full moon august 2023 sign


Full Moons offer us with the perfect time and place to let go of what’s been holding us back and make way for new. Here are a few easy Full Moon rituals you can try at home for cleansing your energies and taking in everything good that Luna can give you.

Deep Clean and Reorganize Your Home

As a Full Moon is a great time to open up to new energies, and get rid of old and negative ones, now is when you should finally deep clean your home! Think about cleaning out important energy centres like the space around your front door. This will bring new and effortless travelling opportunities. Wash the bathroom, floors, windows, throw away anything that you don’t have use for and reorganize your closest and drawers.

Let Go of Everything That’s Been Holding You Back

Maybe you weren’t one of the lucky ones this July and had troubles letting go of many things or people you weren’t ready for. The Sturgeon Full Moon is a great time to finally do this. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you want to part with. Once you are done, fold the list and put it in a fire-safe bowl (iron or ceramic one). Light the edge of the list on fire and watch as all the pains that have been holding you back finally become dust in the wind. When the list has turned to ashes, bury them or flush them down the toilet and think about how you are releasing everything that no longer serves you.

Have a Relaxing Bath on the Full Moon August 2023

Another super easy Full Moon ritual you can perform for cleansing your mind is having a bath. Prepare the bath by soaking in Epsom salts, which will help to clear your aura. You can also add flower petals and your favourite essential oils. Surround yourself by candlelight, go in the tub and listen to a guided meditation or relaxing atmospheric music. Take in all the powerful energies coming from the Sturgeon Full Moon.

How Will the Sturgeon Full Moon Affect Each Zodiac Sign??

sturgeon moon 2023 full moon august 2023 astrology

Want to know how the Sturgeon Supermoon will affect you personally? Here is a horoscope for anyone with a sun, moon or rising sign in any of the following:


This August Full Moon will help anyone with this placement to get in touch with their values and what they really want. People around you might be influencing you in a negative way, so don’t listen too much to what they’re saying if you want to move forwards.


How will the Full Moon affect Taurus? For the next year or so, you will have to learn to trust your intuition. Go with your first instinct instead of overthinking. You might feel like you want to concentrate more on your career at the expense of neglecting your family. But your goals will be there waiting for you, now is the time to be with your loved ones.


Not every decision in your life has to be based on pure facts and knowledge. Too much intellectualisation can prevent you from making meaningful connections. Sometimes its better to let go and trust the process.


For Cancers now will be a good time to embrace their values and make sure that they are in touch with their emotions. Negative feelings can throw you off the cliff, so be sure to check in with your mental state. Better to be sober during these times, as a clear mind can help you when making important decisions.


The powerful astrological event of Venus Retrograde in Leo will have its effects on it name-bearer like no other sign of the zodiac. Leos, now is the time to trust yourselves and your intuition. You may feel like you are too dependent on the feelings of friends and lovers, but that is not the case. You are fiery and free, do as you please.


My dear Virgo, it’s finally time to give yourself that long-awaited and well-deserved vacation. I know it’s not in your system, but try to make time for a budget-friendly self-care opportunity, that you can make peace with. This Full Moon can also give you a new perspective on something that had troubled you in the past.


Libras, say goodbye to your pointless situationships and focus on your goals! Chasing your dreams can be just as pleasurable or even more than a hot summer fling. Try to break up with old bad habits that will just be in the way of what you really want.


Yeep, finally my sign! Okay, for us Scorpies this Sturgeon Full Moon will make us focus more on our careers. All eyes will be on us, and now is when we should go out of our comfort zones and step into something new and possibly rewarding.


This might come as a surprise to adventurous and free-spirited Sagittarius, but for you this Full Moon is set to bring you joy from rereading one of your favourite books. Consider opening the pages of a title that once brought a spark into your life. This might be exactly what you need to remember who you are and how much you’re worth.


Possibly one of the worst things that someone with a strong Capricorn position can think of is asking for help. However, now might be the time to finally do just that. If you feel like you are being mistreated, don’t be too stubborn and ask for help!


Can Aquarius take the time and effort to invest in their friendships during this Full Moon? If so, they will be rewarded with the return of their sense of hope and belief. Now is the time to be selfless and help those around you shine. This will make you feel a lot better than your forms of escapism.


Pisces now is the time to look deep within and try to ground yourself. Journal about the forms of escapism you indulge in in order to escape your feelings. Think about how sometimes you may believe things that were never really true in the first place. Are there any deadlines approaching? Try to finish everything on your to-do list.

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