Harvest Moon September 2023: A Guide for Each Zodiac Sign

by Kristiyana

What is the Harvest Moon 2023? Does it have a symbolic meaning? When does it occur? How will it affect each zodiac sign? A full guide for the Harvest Moon happening in September 2023.

Harvest Moon September 2023: What Does It Mean?

harvest moon september 2023 spiritual meaning for each zodiac sign a guide

This summer really did a number on a lot of us. With planetary events like Venus entering retrograde in Leo which started near the end of July and ended not so long ago, and the numerous supermoons like the Sturgeon full moon and August Pisces one, many of us were faced with making hard decisions, leaving friends and romantic relationships behind, and starting anew. However, the party is not over yet. The year of 2023 is not done with us, as soon enough we will be left in the hands of the last supermoon of the year – the Harvest Moon, happening this September. What does it hold for us? Let’s dive in together and find out.

The Symbolic Meaning Behind the Harvest Moon 2023

when and what is the harvest moon in 2023 september


Why is this supermoon called the Harvest Moon? This planetary event happens during a fruitful season for farming, and hence the name. But what is the symbolic meaning behind it? For anyone who is not familiar with the symbolism of a full moon, this phase of the celestial body is the climax in the lunar cycle, prompting us to finalize our projects and leave behind anything that we feel like is holding us back. However, as the Harvest Moon is falling in the Libra/ Aries axis, be prepared to come face to face with your inner angsty teenager. The fiery energy brought up by this supermoon will influence us to think about our own emotional needs versus those of others. Are you ready for it?

Harvest Moon September 2023: How Will It Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

Once September the 29th comes, you should be prepared to take action, but without forgetting to consider the consequences, as Aries regularly neglect that. How will the Harvest Moon in September 2023 affect your zodiac sign? See for yourself…


This full moon is all about you. Now will be the time to evaluate the connections you have with those closest to you. Are you getting the most out of them? Who can you trust? And who not? If you are not sure about someone, the Harvest moon will shed a light and show your friends’ true colours. When leaving someone behind because of their toxic traits, try to be diplomatic about it.


If you’ve been repressing your emotions for a while now, be sure to see them manifest in a way you never thought you would experience. Take this as an opportunity to evaluate yourself, but without making any hasty decisions. After the Harvest Moon passes, you’ll be encouraged to make practical changes that will affect your emotional state positively.


What’s the September supermoon have in store for dear old mischievous Gemini? Like for Aries, this full moon will show you the cracks in your relationships. Someone new may enter your social group, and someone else might leave it. Don’t take any negative changes personally.


Don’t you think it’s high time you gave yourself that well-deserved rest? If lately you’ve been on overdrive, this full moon will influence you to finally set boundaries between your work and home life. Take the necessary steps. Chill a little.


Feeling a bit curious lately? Follow the impulse! Leo this Harvest Moon is helping you to follow bright ideas that may be found in the strangest of places. The media you consume during this time, whether it’s books, television or social networks, can offer you with information that may influence you to make an intellectual shift.


Virgo, the Harvest Moon may encourage you to make financial changes. If you’ve been spending way too much because of the way you feel day to day, be sure that now you will have the opportunity to make a change and start saving up.

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Haven’t you sacrificed enough, Libra? Well, hopefully not any more! Once again, this full moon will shed a light on the imbalances that hide in your relationships. Stop putting everyone else ahead of you, and finally think about your own needs and desires.


Dear fellow Scorpios, have you felt overwhelmed by the mundane lately? Because I know I have. The Harvest full moon is our time to asses our wellbeing. Let’s break a few bad habits and prioritize healthy ones instead. What do you think? Can we do it?


While the Harvest Moon influences others to make harsh decisions regarding relationships, finances and emotional states, for Sagittarius it’s all about pleasure, romance and creativity. Take the time to invest in a new hobby which can lead you to meeting new interesting acquaintances and friends.


Capricorn are known for their workaholic behaviour, but hopefully this September supermoon will influence you to take some time off. Strike a balance between your hobbies and your domestic and work life.


A close friend, neighbour or even sibling might need your guidance during this full moon. Make sure you are there for them. However, while you are helping someone out, don’t forget to also tune in into your inner life. You might experience an emotional epiphany.


Are you feeling like you are financially stable Pisces? Even if so, now can very well be a good time to assess the importance you attach to material matters. You can even lean on others for advice or a partnership. Also, think about if there might be someone holding you back financially. Might be time to cut them loose.

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