Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023: What Should We Be Prepared For?

by Kristiyana

What is Venus Retrograde? How will this astrological event affect each zodiac sign in 2023? Prepare yourself for heartbreak and tough decisions when it comes to Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023. 

What Does Venus Retrograde in Leo Have in Store for Us in 2023?

venus retrograde in leo venus retrograde meaning

Most of us like to think that summer is finally the time when you can fully emerge in your carefree attitude, jumping from party to party, and from fling to fling. You might have thought about having that romantic summer of love, but unfortunately, Venus Retrograde in Leo has other plans for you… Starting on July 22 and ending on September 3, the planet of love and beauty will mark one of the biggest summer astrological events, that will have you questioning your romantic and non-romantic relationship, and make you think about what you value and how you want to be valued yourself. What should you expect?

What Happens in Venus Retrograde?

Venus Retrograde is an astrological event that occurs every 18 months, and from our perspective on Earth, it seems like the planet slows down. When Venus enters retrograde, that means that the aspects of life that this planet controls will be affected in some way. So when it comes to love, the relationships we have with our loved ones and with ourselves, our values, belief systems and our confidence, all areas will have resurfacing issues and questions which we will have to answer in order to move forward with our lives.

The Troubles to Look Out for During This Astrological Event

As Venus also rules beauty and our appearances, during the retrograde you might start to feel like you want to do something dramatic with your looks. Don’t! Now is not the time to experiment with neon-coloured dyes and a tattoo that costs a fortune. You can always try a little something new, just be sure not to do anything over-the-top because the result can be disastrous. I warned you. Also, be sure to keep a closer eye on how much you spend, as Venus also rules our valuables and impulsive spending would be the worst idea during a retrograde.

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Venus Retrograde in Leo: The Benefits It Can Bring to You

While this astrological event marks a lot of changes and possible hardships, it can also bring many good if you make the most of it. The odds are that by the end of it, you might be just out of a romantic relationship or have one or two fewer friends. I myself suffered from the Venus pre-retrograde shadow that started on June 19, and ended a relationship on the 24. However, a month later I have begun to appreciate myself more, my values and dreams, and that’s exactly what this retrograde is all about. At the end of it, you will have more space for healthier relationships, and anyone whose place wasn’t in your life, will be out of it. Good things are coming, trust the universe.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Going to Be Affected the Most?

what happens in venus retrograde venus retrograde in leo


As this retrograde takes place in Leo, which is a fixed zodiac sign, the other remaining fixed signs along with the king himself will feel its effects the most. Those being, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Let’s see just what they should be prepared for.

Taurus Sun/Rising

Feeling like your world is crumbling down during this retrograde? Sorry to tell you this, but that comes as no big surprise. As Venus is your ruling planet, anything that happens to it will be happening to you as well. In these times you will have a lot of questions about your sense of belonging, your home and your family. Conflicts can arise with some members, but now is the time to finally find a solution and deal with all the drama that’s been bothering you.

Leo Sun/Rising

Feeling pretty down lately? No wonder, this retrograde has your name written all over it! You have probably been dealing with issues concerning your self-esteem and self-worth. The king of the jungle might be associated with glamour and fierceness, but often you can let rejection and negative opinions bring you down way too much, forgetting about who you are deep inside. This retrograde will teach you to work through your problems and create meaningful connections with others in a healthy way. Remember, you shouldn’t let your ego interfere with every part of your life.

Scorpio Sun/Rising

Oh wait, that’s me – finally! Have you lately been feeling a little lost when it comes to your work and carrier-oriented goals? Maybe you’re thinking that you are not getting the publicity you seek? Well, all that is about to change with Venus retrograde in Leo! This astrological event will build the path towards figuring out what you want when it comes to your profession and the way people see you. If you’ve been feeling like some of your work projects aren’t going the way you would want them to now will be the time to set them straight and get the answers you seek.

Aquarius Sun/Rising

Looking for the classic Venus retrograde experience ? Well, you’ve found it! Anyone with these placements will have resurfacing issues when it comes to relationships and unresolved conflicts. Your instinct may tell you to avoid such, but this retrograde won’t take no for an answer. Now is the time to finally resolve all the drama that’s been piling up. You may run into past partners and old friends, because some of them have been thinking about how you treat them. This can be the time when you receive those long-awaited apologies and thank-yous. All in all, be open, get your closure and set boundaries.

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