Lavender Ombre Nails 2023: Let’s Jump Into the Field of Purple Dreams

by Gabby

Don’t you just want to run away sometimes with your loved one, find a field of lavender and watch how the colors of the sunset are blending with the purple? We don’t always have time for a getaway, but… you can do your manicure in the same lavender shade! With that being said, what are lavender ombre nails, you ask? What are the different designs we can adapt in Summer 2023? 

Lavender Ombre Nails 2023: Let’s Jump Into the Field of Purple Dreams

lavender ombre nails 2023

I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m so in love with the purple color, especially this light lavender shade. I can just stare at it and it makes me happy and calm. Let me start by saying that the lavender flowers are associated with purity, serenity, grace, peace and calmness. There’s something about that color, which enhances your spirituality in the best possible way and it makes you dream…

Well, I think the fashion designers were up to something this year, since the lavender shade was in a lot of their collections. Many luxury fashion brands incorporated this color into their clothes, which made the manicure experts to try it out as well. There are many nail designs that you can come across with lavender purple, but today the star of our show will be the lavender ombre nails!

White and Lavender Ombre Nails

white and lavender ombre nails 2023


If you want to create a stunning contrast when using lavender purple, then it is best to do your ombre manicure with white. White nail polish is among one of the best choices for Summer, as it can highlight your tan and make your manicure even prettier. Of course, if the idea of ombre with lavender and white is not interesting enough for you, you can add decorations, such as the marble elements.

Lavender Ombre Coffin Nails

lavender ombre coffin nails with decoration 2023

What is the best shape for long nails for summer 2023? If you want to dive into the magic of purple and enjoy it to the fullest, your long nails will be beautifully highlighted with the coffin shape! It’s a pretty bold and daring decision, but we only have a month left before Summer is over, so now is the time to be bold and experiment! The coffin shape is one of the hardest to achieve, but it does look good on both long and short nails.

Lavender Chrome Ombre French Tip Nails

lavender ombre chrome french tip nails 2023

Did you forget about the chrome nails? And have you tried ombre chrome French tip nails with purple that also have glitter? If you haven’t yet, if I were you I’d have booked an appointment with the manicurist already. This is definitely our favorite design among the lavender delights, as it combines a few interesting techniques and the icing on the cake is this abstract decoration in white that just makes the manicure look very edgy.

Glazed Donut Lavender Ombre Nails

glazed donut lavender ombre nails coffin shape

Before you say anything about the glazed donut trend being finally over, just take a look at these nails! Can we call them the glazed donut lavender ombre nails? Sure we can! The technique is the same, since the nail expert have used the dip powder to create the chrome effect. The nail shape is coffin, of course.

Leo Season Nail Ideas 2023: Lavender Ombre Manicure with Zodiac Decoration

leo season nail ideas 2023 lavender ombre manicure with zodiac decoration oval shape

Did you know that purple is the color of royalty? Some people even say that it is associated with the crown chakra… Well, the Leo season is finally here and we all know how you ladies feel! My Leo girls always feel like they are walking with a crown on their heads, but you are going to need a trendy manicure for this Summer 2023. Try wearing lavender ombre nails with golden zodiac decoration and thank us later! For more inspiration, you can check out the Leo season nail ideas 2023 that will show that you are a royalty!

Purple Ombre Butterfly Nails Coffin Shape

purple ombre butterfly nails coffin shape

Butterflies really look good on any nail design and make it even cuter. If we can say that the new Barbie movie has inspired us to be throaty, then the purple ombre manicure with butterflies will bring you a lot of cheer. If you are not a fan of the coffin nail shape, you can still adapt this fashionable design in almond, oval, or square nail shape. It depends on your preferences and the length of the nails.

Lavender Ombre Nails Short

lavender ombre nails short 2023

Did I tell you that lavender ombre also looks good on short nails? We can’t skip the squoval shape as many of you prefer it this season. It’s easy to maintain, and if you can’t decide between an oval and a square, just do a squoval.

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Lavender Ombre Nail Designs 2023

lavender ombre nail designs 2023

Pink, Lavender and Coral Ombre Nails Almond Shape

almond lavender ombre nails with coral

Lavender Ombre French Tip Nails with Flowers

lavender ombre french tip nails with flowers

Long Ballerina Shape Lavender Ombre Nails with Pink

long ballerina lavender ombre nails

Almond Shaped Matte Lavender and Blue Ombre Nails

purple and blue ombre nails with pink matte

Stiletto Purple Ombre French Tip Nails

stiletto lavender french tip nails

Nude and Lavender Coffin Ombre Nails

nude and purple ombre nails summer ideas 2023

Pink and Lavender Ombre Nails

pink and lavender ombre nails 2023

Lavender Ombre Butterfly Nails Coffin Shape

lavender ombre butterfly nails 2023 coffin

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