Summer Designs for Short Nails: 2023 TOP Aesthetically Pleasing Manicure Trends

by Gabby

Ladies, is it only me or short nails are becoming trendier than the long ones that we are so used to? They are much more comfortable, and with this nail art that I’m about to show you, you are not going to be able to resist! What are the TOP Summer designs for short nails? What nail shape is the best for your shorties? What colors are trending at the moment? 

Summer Designs for Short Nails: 2023 TOP Aesthetically Pleasing Manicure Trends

summer nail designs for short nails 2023 green squoval flowers

To be honest with you dear ladies, I never imagined having short nails before. I was honestly envious of all the girls with long manicures as it allows you to let your imagination run wild with different colorful decorations. Everyone’s opinion was that short nails equals minimalistic design… Well, this has changed drastically in recent years though, and more and more women are becoming real fans of short nails. Manicure experts have also adapted many colorful and different nail art to make them look perfect! Let’s talk about Summer designs for short nails! Get ready for a pallet of Summer vibes and cute designs (I would grab a drink, or an ice cream while I scroll down)!

Cute Short Square Nails

cute short square nails with pink hearts barbie inspired manicure


Look at these cute Barbie inspired short square nails! Barbie nails are what is everyone is talking at the moment. If we are going to copy the doll completely, we need a short manicure. To make it extra Barbie-ish, ask your manicure artist for these tiny hearts with white dots. And of course, the hearts should be in bubble gum nail polish color, which is one of the trendiest for Summer 2023.

Chrome French Tip Nails

short chrome french tip nails

Are chrome French tip nails still in style? I don’t think they will ever be considered as something not fashionable. You can see then being adapted by women at any age, and they look perfect on long and short nails as well. What shape to try out with your chrome nail polish? Short almond nails are the newest hype!

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Preppy Nails Short

short preppy nails classy colorful manicure 2023

What are preppy nails exactly? Let me explain to you! They are these nail designs that you see a lot lately with a lot of lines, abstract forms and shapes, which gives you this aesthetically pleasing vibes. Still not sure what am I talking about? Just look at the photo and you’ll understand! Preppy short nails allow you to play and experiment with colors, as there are no taboo shades! Let your creativity run wild and adapt a stylish nail design!

Short Classy Nails Inspo Summer 2023

short classy nails inspo 2023 manicure trends summer designs

Looking classy might be subjective to you, but a manicure that makes you stand out might be the answer for most women! Let me inspire you with this manicure design, that is created with the perfect mixture between dark and light blue. The abstract swirls are what makes this nail art so attractive and elegant at the same time. If you are not a fan of the blue color, you can adapt this design in any shade you like.

Short Duck Nails

short duck nails 2023 french tip manicure with rhinestones

Yes, I know! I might shock a lot of you out there, but they are back… Unfortunately or not, duck nails are here and some of you actually love them still, even though the shape is weird the least to say! Short duck nails are back on the trending charts and surprisingly a lot of women are adapting them with different Summer nail designs.

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Simple Nail Art for Short Nails: Reverse French Manicure

reverse french tip nails simple art for short manicure

Can we even skip on mentioning the stylish and classy reverse French tip nails? I don’t think so! I’m going to let you in on a little secret… The base used for this nail design is called milky white, which is the top hit among the manicure trends at the moment. Reverse French tip nails are something that everyone should try at least once. Keep in mind that it looks best on short almond nails!

Short Nails INSPO: Summer Designs 2023

short orange abstract nails classy manicure ideas summer 2023

Barbie Nails Short: The Summer Manicure 2023 That You Must Try

simple nail art for short nails hot pink summer trends 2023

Short Summer Nail Designs 2023

neon summer nails 2023 with animal print

Abstract French Tip Nails in Lavender and Neon Yellow

abstract french tip nails with lavender and neon yellow

Short Oval Yellow and Black Nails for Summer 2023

cute short yellow and black nails summer 2023

Short Matte Classy Nails Square Shaped

cute matte short summer nails 2023

Glazed Donut Nails with Blush Effect: Chrome Summer Manicure 2023

glazed donut nails with blush effect chrome manicure short

Animal Print Square Short Nails with Hot Red Color

short animal print nails with hot red color

Short Squoval Nails with Swirl Decorations

squoval nails short with swirl decoration

Short Square Cherry Nails

short square cherry nails

Short Round Orange Nails with White

short orange nails with white summer design 2023

Simple Blue Short Classy Nails 2023

simple blue short square nails

Animal Print French Tip Nails Summer 2023

animal print french tip nails summer 2023

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