Short Coffin Nails Design: Is This The Must-Try Manicure Shape for Summer 2023?

by Gabby

Can short nails be adapted in any shape that we want? Is there a nail shape that is a taboo for short manicure? Well, that was the case with the coffin nail shape. This shape in particular is mostly adapted by women with very long nails and it has been very famous recently. However, the nail experts showed that there is nothing impossible in 2023! That’s why, prepare yourself to see some short coffin nails design that you can try out this season! Let’s check them out together!

Short Coffin Nails Design: Get Ready to Try Them Out in 2023

can coffin nails be shaped short designs ideas 2023

Are you ready to start off the season with a hot new manicure? If you are thinking about which shape to adapt that will make you stand out, we got you! Short coffin nails are the new trend that you MUST try this Summer 2023! We have prepared some of the best inspirations for you!

Can Coffin-Shaped Nails Be Short?

Coffin nails are one of the hardest shapes to do, according to most manicure experts. Many believed that the nail plate had to be long to be able to be shaped this way, as the filing of the nail was done from the bottom up. Now, however, we can state that there is a way the coffin shape can be applied to short nails! That’s right, for girls who love wearing their nails shorter, there are no impossible things to do now. You can try out the coffin nail shape on your shorties and we are going to show you exactly how!

short coffin nails design summer 203 trends manicure


How to Do Short Coffin Nails?

If you don’t believe that short nails can adapt the coffin shape, check out this video! Many of us have a lot to do in our every day lives and don’t have the time to run to the nail salon. That’s why it is best to try doing our nails at home, or even shaping them. With this kind of shape, you have to keep in mind that it is very tricky and you really have to be careful. I don’t want to scare you off, but I have to mentioned that one wrong move can be enough to make it look weird and uneven. Now, grab your nail file and let’s get started with the tutorial!

Cute Short Coffin Nails Design

cute short coffin nails desgin 2023 summer color trends

The coffin nail shape is a little bit more extravagant and we can certainly say that is for the bolder ladies. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go all out and adapt trendy bright colors and decorations! If you love to stand out from the crowd, then check out this short coffin nails design that you can copy in 2023! Cobalt blue and bright orange are two of the most popular nail colors for this Summer!

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Short White Coffin Nails With Design

abstact french nails short coffin white with design 2023

I am not the only one who associates the white color with the French manicure, even though recently we have seen it in every possible shade! But I am not going to show you the classic designs, instead we are going to talk about the abstract French nails in short coffin shape. Just check out these beauties! So many nail techniques are presented here, and every one of them is at the top of the trends chart.

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Pastel Summer Ombre Nails: Short Coffin Shape

summer ombre nails short coffin shape 2023

I’m not going to surprise you all, if I say that pastel colors are a total hit this year. Not only in the fashion industry, but they made their way through in the manicure art world. If you want something cute and fresh suitable for the season, you can adapt Summer ombre nails in short coffin shape. It will match perfectly with the seasonal mood and your outfits, of course. For more inspiration, check out these Summer ombre nails that you should not miss out!

Short Coffin Nails 2023

abstract short nails coffin shape 2023

Pink Coffin Nails with Rhinestones and a Pearl Decoration 2023

short pink coffin nails with diamonds 2023

Summer Short Coffin Nails with Trendy Decorations

summer short coffin nails trendy decoration 2023

French Tip Coffin Nails

french tip coffin nails with orange summer 2023

White French Tip Coffin Nails with Decoration

white french tip coffin nails with decoration

Short Blue Coffin Nails: Summer 2023

short blue coffin nails summer 2023

Summer Coffin Nails

summer coffin nails pastel colors and flowers 2023

Coffin Shaped Acrylic Nails

coffin shaped acrylic nails black and gold glitter

Abstract Summer Nails: Short Coffin Manicure Ideas 2023

asbtract nails coffin shape short acrylic 2023

Blue Swirl Coffin Nails Summer 2023

blue swirl coffin nails summer 2023

Cute Summer Abstract French Tip Nails 2023: Short Coffin Manicure

abstract french tip nails coffin shape buttefly decoration

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