Summer Ombre Nails: Why Choose One, When You Can Do Many Colors?

by Gabby

For us girls it is very hard to choose what manicure to do next. Especially during Summer, when everything is so colorful and bright. How to choose the ONE? Well, you don’t have to! If you hesitate between two or more shades, ombre nails would be the perfect solution! You can combine colors that you love and the result will be the ideal manicure design for this season! Now let’s find out what are the best Summer ombre nails out there!

Summer Ombre Nails: Why Choose One, When You Can Do Many Colors?

summer ombre nails 2023 bright manicure ideas

Ombre nails are not what they were anymore! I am sure you are familiar with the classic white, nude and pink gradient manicure that we have all tried. You can easily wear it every day, or for a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party. However, for Summer 2023, nail specialists have something different in mind. They started using bright colors, mixing and matching, while creating amazing nail designs. Today, we have prepared some for you! Go ahead and check them out!

Pink and White Ombre Nails

pink and white ombre nails 2023 manicure trends and ideas pictures


Of course, we are starting with the classic! In Summer, our schedules are filled with special occasions that we have to attend. As I already mentioned above, you cannot go wrong with pink and white ombre nails, because it is obvious that they go perfectly with everything. Even if you are planning your own wedding, you have to know that this manicure will compliment your dress in the best way possible.

Ombre Coffin Nails

ombre coffin nails manicure trends 2023 bright neon colors

With almond nail shape being so popular right now, we often forget that there are other trendy nail shapes. If you want to do Summer ombre nails with more than two colors, then coffin nails will allow you to experiment more, since normally we wear them longer. When it comes to shades, let’s get inspired from nature itself! Does this remind you of something? Now think about the sunset, while looking at the ocean!

French Ombre Nails

french ombre nails 2023 manicure designs and trends colors matte

If one plus one equals two, then two classic manicure trends will give you 100% amazing results! The French manicure and the ombre effect can actually go hand in hand. You can still get your French tip, while having gradient colors. The nail experts describe this nail design as elegant, soft and very feminine. You can choose different colors, if you are not a fan of the green. However, keep in mind that white and green will be one of the most popular nail color combinations in Summer 2023!

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Pastel Ombre Nails

pastel summer ombre nails 2023 manicure trends designs for women almond shape

Forget about what people say. Pastel colors don’t look childish and we can prove it! If you want to get yourself a Summer ombre manicure, then you can ask your nail artist to blend some pastel colors together. Purple and blue with yellow and green are the combo that you absolutely need! Why? It is simple! All of your outfits will match your nails, so you won’t have to spend much time thinking what to wear.

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How to Do Ombre Nails for Beginners?

And if you don’t have time to run to the salon, that’s fine! There are simple ways in which you can make ombre nails at home with regular nail polish. What are the dos and don’ts? You can check out this video for the full tutorial! All you are going to need is nail polish and a sponge to create this magic!

Summer Ombre Nails 2023

ombre nail ideas for summer 2023 how to do my manicure pastel colors

Blue Summer Ombre Nails 2023

blue ombre nails summer design trends 2023

Glitter Ombre Nails Made with Pink and Purple Nail Polish

glitter ombre nails square shape long manicure purple and pink

Summer Nail Designs 2023: Cute Ombre Manicure with Interesting Decoration

cute ombre summer nail designs 2023 ideas

Matte Ombre Nails: Simple Manicure Ideas

matte ombre nails square summer manicure trends 2023

Rainbow Ombre Nails: The Perfect Manicure for Summer 2023

rainbow ombre nails summer manicure ideas examples pictures

Hot Pink and White Nail Design 2023

pink and white ombre nails square long shape summer 2023

Pink Summer Nails 2023: Ombre Manicure Ideas

pastel ombre nails with pink and purple manicure designs 2023

Pink French Tip Nails with Ombre Effect

pink ombre nail french tip manicure easy summer trends 2023

Turquoise Ombre Nails

turquoise ombre nails summer manicure trends ideas designs art long square shape

Ombre Nails Almond Shape

summer nail designs 2023 orange manicure ombre effect long almond shape

Two Tone Summer Ombre Nails: Bright Colors

two tone ombre nails for summer 2023 manicure design ideas bright

Summer Ombre Nails Almond

sunset summer ombre nails 2023

Summer Ombre Nails Colors: Pink and Orange

reverse french manicure ombre nails with pink and orange long square shape ideas 2023

Reverse French Manicure with Ombre effect and Glitter

reverse french manicure ombre nails 2023 ideas

Pink Ombre with Glitter and Flowers

pink summer ombre nails 2023 square shape

Chrome Ombre Nails: Summer Manicure Trends 2023

summer ombre manicure bright nails 2023 pink and orange

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