Micro French Nails 2023: The Hottest Manicure Trend of the Summer!

by Stephanie Yankova

Give your favorite French manicure a makeover with this season’s latest minimalist trend – the micro French nails! Subtle, chic with a touch of color – they’re the perfect accessory that’s going to bring refinement to your appearance. Which one of these stunning nail art designs are you going to try this summer? 

What Are Micro French Nails?

dark green micro french nails short squoval nails biab manicure

The micro French nails are, what I like to call them, a whisper of a French tip. It’s a more delicate iteration of the classic manicure trend. Instead of having a thick white strip across the tip of the nail, this manicure is done by drawing a really thin line right on the edge of the nail. Usually, this type of French nail art is done in vibrant colors that give it a more elevated and playful appearance.

The Trendiest Micro French Nails 2023

purple nail polish orange french tips sun summer manicure design ideas


This summer’s nail trends are allowing us to be brighter and bolder than ever! Vibrant colors, neons, and playful abstract designs are just some of this season’s motifs. While French nails will absolutely never go out of style, in 2023 we’re giving the good old classic a new spin! These abstract micro French nails are right on the money for the summer season! Orange and lavender are two of the trendiest nail polish colors for the upcoming months and this combination is not to be slept on!

Lavender Ombre and Glitter Micro French Tips

lavender ombre nails gold glitter micro french tips summer manicure ideas 2023

The ombre effect is one of the most popular nail art techniques that remains to this day an absolute summer staple! Thanks to the endless color combinations it leaves a lot of room for experimentation. If you’re looking for an elegant manicure that has a subtle pop of color, this one checks all the boxes. The pairing of lavender and pastel pink is a match made in Heaven! For a more elevated appearance, finish off by adding gold metallic micro French tips!

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Pink and Orange Micro French Nails

abstract neon pink orange micro french nails minimalist dots summer manicure 2023

You don’t need intricate nail art to make a statement! Just the right color combination! Neon pink and orange are two shades you can absolutely never go wrong with. In this minimalist micro French tip design with subtle dots, you get just enough pop of color without drawing all the attention to yourself under the flashing lights in the club!

Tortoiseshell with Reverse French Tips

tortoiseshell nails reverse red french tips summer manicure 2023

The tortoiseshell continues to reign on its throne, so if you haven’t had a chance to give this nail art trend a try – it’s not too late! I’m personally a huge fan of combining earth tones with bold vibrant shades. This manicure is a great example of how brilliantly they can work together when executed with style! Btw, did you know that you can get reverse French tips? I find them to be oddly playful and alluring, especially in this shade of red!

Neon Yellow and Silver Glitter Micro French Manicure

reverse neon yellow ombre silver glitter micro french tips long squoval nails

When it comes to manicures there’s nothing I enjoy seeing more than neon colors on dark skin! Make a statement this summer with this yellow reverse ombre manicure with a subtle silver metallic micro French tip! It’s s true standout design that’s going to make the perfect accessory to every single one of your outfits!

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Retro Colors with Gold Micro French Tip Frame

retro colors gold glitter micro french tips frame short oval nails design ideas

Let’s throw it all the way back to the 70s with this subtle disco-inspired manicure in a retro color scheme! A great way to elevate your mono-color manicure is to add a thin frame in a contrasting color. That way you’re really going to accentuate the base nail polish! In this case, we have a thin gold glitter frame that gives you the feel of a French tip but with a more modern and abstract twist!

Micro French Nails 2023 with Chrome Tips

micro french nails 2023 chrome tips minimalist manicure

We simply can’t talk about French manicures without mentioning the most groundbreaking trend of the year – chrome nails! While I personally enjoy a set of fully chromed-up nails to make me feel like a badass, I can also appreciate its more subtle iterations. This particular shade of rose chrome feels just on brand for the current pink craze going on courtesy of the Barbie movie! Would you give this edgy version of the classic French tip a try?

More Micro French Nail Designs to Try in Summer 2023

blue silver glitter reverse micro french nails summer mnaicure trends 2023

White Micro French Tips with Colorful Abstract Decorations

classic micro french tips colorful abstract decorations fun summer manicure ideas

Bright Green Micro French Tips on Short Oval Nails

bright green micro french tips short oval nails summer 2023 manicure ideas

Black and White Split Micro Tips

black and white split tips micro french nails simple manicure desing ideas inspo

Elegant Green Glitter Micro French Manicure

green glitter micro french nails 2023 minimalist summer manicure

“Old Money” Metallic Gold Minimalist French Tips

gold metallic micro french tips simple minimalist summer manicure 2023

Bicolor V-Shape Micro French Tips

pink bicolor v shape micro french nails biab manicure ideas 2023

Long Ballerina Shape Nails with Pastel Rainbow Angled Micro French Tips

pastel rainbow micro french tips 2023 long ballerina nails summer manicure ideas

Minimalist peachy Orange Reverse Micro French Manicure

peachy orange reverse micro french nails 2023 simple minimalist manicure design inspo

Short Square Milky White Nails with Violet Micro French Tips 

milky white nails purple micro french tips summer manicure trends 2023

Metallic Silver Nails with Subtle Gold French Tips 

silver metallic nail polish gold micro french tips abstract manicure ideas summer 2023

Sheer Shimmer Base with Red Micro Tips

sheer shimmer nails red micro french tips long oval shape summer 2023 manicure trends

Sage Green Micro Tips with a Smiley Face Decoration

sage green micro french tips smiley face decoration summer manicure ideas

Short Oval Nails with Minimalist Tortoiseshell Tips

tortoise shell micro french nails 2023 cute summer manicure design ideas

Subtle Ombre Short Squoval Nails with Micro Glitter French Tips

subtle ombre nails glitter french tips short squoval nails summer manicure trendy design ideas

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