French Ombre Nails: 20 Ideas That Combines 2 of The Classiest Manicure Techniques!

by Gabby

Hello, my dears! Today, we are going to talk about how to make our manicure look stunning this Summer 2023! If I ask you, what are the two nail techniques that are the most classic and the most feminine, what would you answer? That’s right, the first thing that comes to mind is French manicure and ombre nails. They will always be in fashion! But what if I told you that this season the nail experts have found a way to combine them? Are you interested yet? Let me show you some of the best French ombre nails in 2023!

French Ombre Nails: The Manicure That Combines 2 of The Classiest Techniques!

ombre french manicure purple summer 2023

As we mentioned in previous articles, this Summer you can expect the unexpected from the nail art world. There will be a lot of colorful trends, mixed techniques and different decorations. If you are bored from the previous years’ variation, be ready to welcome Summer 2023 with a fresh manicure that will bring your way a lot of compliments! Today, we have gathered some stunningly made French ombre nails that you can copy this season. What are they exactly? Scroll down to find out!

What Is French Ombre Nails?

French ombre nails can be seen as the two most known techniques in the manicure combined into one. This 2 in 1 combo will make you fall in love with what you can get as a result. There are three ways that you can combine the French manicure with ombre nails:

  • Classic French manicure, where the tips are made with gradient colors, which play the role of ombre.
  • Ombre nails where the gradient effect starts at the top of the nail, which creates the feeling of French manicure.
  • Both of the techniques are there: You can do ombre nails and on top you can make a French tip.

We are going to show you all the ways that the French ombre nails can be done, so you can pick the one that you absolutely love and rock it in 2023! The beautiful thing about this manicure trend is that you can customize it however you like!

french ombre nails 2023 manicure trends pink glitter


French Ombre Nails Almond: Gradient Rainbow Tips

french ombre nails almond rainbow gradient tips 2023 summer

Starting with the first type of French ombre nails, where the tips are made with different colors that have that “gradient effect” that we opt for. These are the perfect rainbow nails to rock in the Summer! You can play with the shades and make them however you like. For the base, you can use strawberry pink (the one on the photo), which is a top hit at the moment.

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French Ombre Nails with Glitter

pink and white french ombre nails with glitter

Pink and white French ombre nails are a must-have for the season! If you add a little bit of glitter, you will have the ideal manicure for a special occasion. As you know, Summer is considered as the wedding season. If you are planning one, or going to one, you can adapt this trendy nail art. This is the second technique that we discussed, where the ombre starts at the top of the nail and creates the illusion of a French tip.

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French Tip and Ombre Nails

french tip and ombre nails pink and white 2023

This is the last nail technique where you have ombre as the base of your fingernail and then a French tip over it. As the base on these nails you can use two or three shades of pink, or nude, depending on your preferences. The French tip can also be a different color. They are very customizable and you can adapt them in any shade that you want.

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Abstract French Tip Ombre Nails

abstract french tip ombre nails summer 2023

If you are a fan of the more offbeat suggestions, and you are ready to boldly experiment this season, then you are going to love these abstract French ombre nails. The French tips are in a fun form that create the illusion of an abstract art. We love these type of nails, because they are super cute for the Summer season!

French Ombre Nails with Design for the Summer 2023

french ombre nails with design for summer 2023

Are you planning on going to a vacation? You want a fun trendy manicure to match your mood for Summer 2023? Then you should adapt a French ombre nail design with a flower decoration! The flowers are one of the girliest and chic choices of decoration this year. We saw a lot of nail art in the Spring, and they continue trending this season as well! The minimalistic version will highlight your ombre French manicure and will add some va va voom to the nails!

Ombre French Manicure Art: Summer Nail Trends 2023

french ombre nails short with yellow and glitter

Green Ombre Nails with a French Tip

french ombre nail art ideas 2023

Blue French Ombre Nails: Ocean Manicure Design for Summer 2023

blue french tip ombre nails ocean stiletto long manicure

Are French Ombre Nails in Style 2023? Of course!

french ombre nails chrome manicure 2023

French Ombre Nails for Dark Skin

french ombre nails for dark skin 2023

Summer Ombre French Manicure Ideas 2023

long summer french ombre nails 2023

Rainbow Long Ombre French Manicure

french tip and ombre nails rainbow summer manicure 2023

Best Colors for French Ombre Nails: Summer 2023 Edition

ombre french manicure ideas 2023 summer trends

French Ombre Nails for Women Over 50 to Try in 2023

pink and white french ombre nails for women over 50

Abstract French Tip Ombre Nails with Green and Blue

green ombre nails abstract french tip manicure

White and Blue Reverse French Tip Ombre Nails

white and blue reverse french tip ombre nails ideas 2023

French Ombre Nails for Summer 2023: Pink and Orange

summer nail designs 2023 french ombre manicure

Reverse French Ombre Nails 2023

reverse french tip ombre nails 2023 pink and orange

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