25+ Cute Short Summer Nails 2023 – The Trendiest Seasonal Manicures for Every Taste!

by Stephanie Yankova

The Summer solstice is only two weeks away! This means that it’s officially time to put away all the dark nail polish colors! Summer nails are all about vibrancy, playful designs, experimentation, and bold self-expression! Have you been waiting for the right moment to get that neon animal print manicure design you’ve been eyeing since last autumn? Ding, dong – the time is NOW! I’ve found that during this time of the year, I naturally gravitate more toward short nails. As someone who is always on the go, they’re just so much more convenient. The only downside – it can be difficult to get intricate nail art on a small nail bed. However, as a devoted short-nails girlie, I assure you the possibilities for nail designs are far from limited! Scroll on to see the trendiest short summer nails for 2023 that I’m completely obsessed with, and you’ll be, too!

Short Summer Nails 2023

yellow neon swirly summer short nails 2023 trendy manicure design ideas

Credits: imarninails

If you want to put an emphasis on your tanned sun-kissed summer skin, vibrant neon nail polish is the way to go! This abstract squiggly design with white swirls is a playful way to explore this trend. It’s fun, yet chic and not too overbearing!

Simple Summer Manicure with Rhinestones

emerald green rhinestones minimalist manicure short summer oval nails 2023


I personally love a simple nude or neutral manicure, especially when I’m wearing my nails short! It really gives you that “clean girl aesthetic” kind of vibe. However, who doesn’t like a little bit of zhuzh in the summer? I know I do! This elegant nail design with green emerald rhinestones is right on the money! It’s simple, yet there’s a character to it.

Neon French Tips Meet Ombre

funky short nails summer manicure yellow french tip ombre decorations

It’s time to take a break from the classic French tip and try out something a little more daring! The neon French manicure quickly became an overnight trend that I can’t stop seeing all over social media! I must admit – I caved in. The results – one of the best manicures I’ve ever had! There’s just something about that dash of vibrancy that immediately puts you in a summer vibe! Yet, we’re still keeping it French and classy, of course! If you want to take it a step further, throw some neon ombre in there, too! It’s the ultimate evergreen summer nail trend, after all!

Neons and Glitter

fun mismatched short summer nails neon orange purple glitter animal pattern

Have you dived into the summer groove yet? If not, this funky manicure will give you all the right vibes for the upcoming season! Orange and purple are complementary colors, meaning that they both sit on opposite ends of the color wheel. When you put them together they create the strongest possible contrast. If you want to make a statement with your manicure this summer, this is the path to success!

Milky White Short Nails with a Twist

minimalist white short summer manicure square nails ideas 2023 (1)

My fellow minimalist ladies out there – this manicure is for you! The perfect way to highlight the shape of your short nails is with a simple milky white base. It creates a strong contrast with your skin tone, yet isn’t too overbearing. The best part – it looks just as great on its own, as it does with nail art on top! If you feel like sprucing it up just a little, you can add some cute neon dots!

Short Rainbow Nails

pride short nails manicure ideas 2023 rainbow squiggles

Just in time for Pride month, these rainbow nails are guaranteed to spark a jolly mood in you! The subtle gradient nail art is a great minimalist alternative to the colorful manicures we’re usually used to seeing!

Classy Short Summer Nails

minimalist black white gold foil short summer nails ideas

Bright colors and neons aren’t really your thing? Don’t worry, I got you! Black and gold is a timeless combination that oozes grace and style! Why not get playful with it? Give the negative space nails with black swirls and gold leaf a try!

Abstract French Tip Nails for Women Over 50

colorful abstract french tips short oval nails women over 50 summer manicure inspo 2023

The playful abstract French tips are another huge summer trend this year! Even with short nails, if your nail bed is big enough, this manicure allows for a lot of creativity! You can try blending together different colors, patterns, and even floral elements! If you’re a woman over 50, this quirky manicure will instantly rejuvenate your appearance!

Colorful Short Summer Nails for Women Over 60

colorful mismatched fun short summer nails women over 50

Just because you’ve reached a certain mature age, doesn’t mean you have to be boring! To all the women over 60 – I invite you to pamper yourself with a colorful summer manicure! Reach out to your inner child and embrace that youthful spark that still ignites within you!

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More Short Summer Nail Design Ideas

short pink summer nails neon orange decorations 2023

Colorful French Tip with Simple Floral Decoration

short oval nails colorful french tips minimalist floral decorations summer manicure 2023

Pink & Orange Negative Squiggly Manicure

pink orange squiggles short summer nails design ideas 2023

Pastel Short Nails with Abstract Decorations

pastel minimalist short nails summer manicure abstract decorations

Neon Corner French Tips

neon corner french manicure trendy short summer nails design 2023

Mismatched Colorful Abstract Short Summer Nails

mismatched colorful abstract short summer nails ideas 2023

Yellow French Tips with Lemon Decorations

playful summer manicure shoer squoval nails ideas 2023

Minimalist Black Negative Space Short Nails 

minimalist manicure negative space black spots abstract summer short nail design

Evil Eye with Gold Glitter Short Nails Design 

evil eye glitter decorations abstract nails short summer manicure

Earthy Green with Animal Print 

earthy tones olive green animal print short square nails summer manicure

Cobalt Blue Manicure with Abstract Negative Space Decoration 

cobalt blue short summer nails abstract negative space manicure ideas

Abstract Black Matte Decorations on Short Nails

short squoval minimalist summer nails matter manicure black abstract decorations (1)

Simple Short Nails with Pink Neon Dots 

minimalist simple manicure pink dots short summer nails ideas

Minimalist Cobalt Blue Squiggles Short Nails Manicure 

minimalist manicure blue squiggles short summer nails inspo ideas

Black and White Manicure with Zebra Patter on Short Squoval Nails 

black white zebra print short summer nails trends 2023

Beach-Inspired Manicure with Real Shells and Sand 

beach inspired short nails summer manicure ideas 2023

Blue and Orange Beach Vibes Short Nails Manicure

blue orange swirls modern trendy short summer nails 2023


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