How to Style Medium Length Wavy Hair in Summer 2023? These Are the Top Suggestions!

by Gabby

Do you want to adapt a new haircut that will enhance your facial features in the best possible way? Today we are going to give you a few suggestions from the hair experts that will make you look absolutely stunning in Summer 2023! If you have medium length wavy hair, then you have the best of both worlds (as Hannah Montana used to sing). The length is perfect, and the waves are exactly what everyone is dreaming about currently. Let’s check out how to style your hair this Summer and how to make your waves look as charming as possible!

How to Style Medium Length Wavy Hair in Summer 2023? These Are the Top Suggestions!

wavy medium length hairstyle with highlights for summer 2023

Your medium length wavy hair need some change this Summer? Don’t worry! I got you! The good news is that this type of hair texture is actually very easy to style and maintain. Especially during this season, when everyone is trying to look effortlessly beautiful with minimal effort. Mid-length is suitable for all face shapes, which makes it great to adapt in 2023. If you are not ready to use a lot of heat when styling your hair, the best you can do is cut layers, which are going to give you the needed transformation!

Which Hair Cut Is Best for Wavy Hair?

The best haircut to adapt for medium length wavy hair would be the lob (long bob cut). According to the hair experts, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and style if you have wavy hair. It suits not only the hair texture, but is also amazing for all face shapes.

wavy lob haicut medium length hairstyle trends


Medium Length Wavy Hair for Women Over 60

medium length wavy hair for women over 60 summer hairstyle ideas 2023

We have noticed recently, that more and more mature women are choosing the mid-length hairstyles for wavy hair. When we reach a certain age, styling your hair can be very damaging. Let your waves run wild and adapt a trendy haircut over 60 that will highlight your facial features and will frame your face nicely. Curtain bangs are another good option that will add volume to your wavy hair.

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Layers and Bangs

medium length wavy hair with baby bangs and layers brunette summer trends 2023

Wavy and curly hair are normally more voluminous than straight hair, however don’t think for a second that they can’t look dull sometimes. If you notice something similar happening to your wavy hair, be quick! Cut some layers that will add volume and also think about bangs! We are not going to stop saying that – bangs are currently the top choice among celebrities, models and it-girls. And the reason behind it is that you can find many different types that will suit your face shape. Baby bangs are also a popular choice among young and mature ladies. As you can see from the photo, they are a bit shorter than the classic fringe, but it looks amazing on wavy hair.

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

medium length wavy hair with curtain bangs face framing brunette

Who doesn’t want the ideal haircut with curtain bangs inspired from the 90s? Your wavy hair will allow you to experiment and adapt the ideal curtain bangs. How to style your hair for this Summer 2023? You can either DIY a salt spray for beach waves, or use your flat iron to make some scandi waves. They go hand in hand with curtain bangs and will give you a stunning look!

Bob Hairstyles for Medium Length Wavy Hair

bob hairstyles for medium length wavy hair degreaded

Can you adapt a bob haircut with a mid-length wavy hair? The answer is yes! You can choose between a mid-length blunt bob for wavy hair or degraded bob hairstyle which adds volume to any hair type effortlessly. It all depends on your preferences, however for the ladies with fine hair, we definitely recommend the degraded asymmetrical bob! Trust me, you won’t regret the XXL volume that it will add to your hair!

Medium Length Wavy Hair Over 50

medium length wavy hair over 50 with face framing side swept bangs

For the ladies over 50, our hair experts recommend that you opt for something that will rejuvenate you! A trendy side-swept bangs or honey highlights will do the perfect job! If you have a natural wavy blonde hair, add honey or lighter blonde highlights that will frame your face and will make your hair appear thicker. The side-swept bangs will give you a soft elegant look!

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Best Haircuts for Medium Length Wavy Hair

medium length bob for wavy hair with curtain bangs

Mid-Length Haircut for Wavy Hair with Blunt Bangs

mid length haircut for wavy hair with blunt bangs

Medium Length Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 60 with Wavy Hair

medium length wavy hair over 50 summer hairstyles idea

Mid-Length Haircut Face Framing Bangs

medium length wavy hair with face framing bangs

Blunt Bob for Medium Length Wavy Hair

blunt bob for medium length wavy hair with highlights ombre

Lob with Curtain Bangs for Medium Length Wavy Hair

lob with curtain bangs wavy hair mid length


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