5 Chic and Attractive Hair Cutting Styles for Wavy Hair + Tips

by Radost P.

Depending on your length and type of hair, different kinds of haircuts might be suitable for you. For example, when it comes to short or long wavy hair, haircuts with layering are the best. The reason being is that your waves look amazing this way. Besides, it is easier to style and maintain your hair afterward. I guess that you want to look your best, right? Keep on reading, in case you want to see our top 5 hair cutting styles for wavy hair.

hair cutting styles for wavy hair

What is the Best Technique for Cutting Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair is neither a straight nor a curly hair. So, maintaining it in a good condition is a bit trickier process. If you want to enhance the natural appearance of your waves, you should be aware of the right hair cutting technique. Generally, what experts suggest for wavy types is the two-step layers technique. It allows for your hair to look strong and voluminous. Below, we give you some tips and examples of chick haircut styles for thin or thick wavy hair.

Tips for Cutting Your Wavy Hair the Right Way

cutting long wavy hair


Should you cut the hair dry or wet? While this question is always going to intrigue professional hair stylists, it is almost mandatory for the hair to be wet when it comes to waviness. The reason being is that you can easily see the specific curl pattern and act accordingly to achieve the best outlook. Another tip to keep in mind, as a client or hair stylist, is to avoid touching the wavy hair while styling. Also, ensure that you maintain a regular moisturizing hair care. Last but not least, try to save the natural ‘S’ shape that is typical for wavy hairs. If you happen to cut somewhere in this pattern, you risk compromising the whole hairstyle.

Top 5 Hair Cutting Styles for Wavy Hair

tips for cutting wavy hair

Do you know that texture is one of the defining features of your hair? So, it can be with fine, medium, or thick texture. Depending on which category your hair belongs to, you may consider different treatment options. Here, we’ll give you some advice, yet it’s best to consult your hair stylist too. If you happen to have a fine wavy hair, keep in mind to use a dry shampoo and salt spray. In this way, it will always look great. On the other hand, if your wavy hair tends to be thicker, it needs regular moisturizing routine. For this purpose, use coconut oil. Let’s move on to the wavy haircuts that we recommend:

Chick Layers on Long Hair

wavy hair cutting

What is great about these attractive and simple layers, is that they are suitable both for thin and thick wavy hair. If you don’t prefer short layers, you may experiment with these and see whether this kind of hairstyle suits you. No matter your hair color or face features, this haircut will make you look amazing.

Attractive Lob for Medium Length Hair

cutting short wavy hair

This haircut creates a carefree vibe, and it makes you look like a person who’s going with the flow. It’s particularly suitable for women with brown or dark eyebrows, since the style emphasizes your face features. It might be the perfect choice for a party or day-to-day life.

Short Pixie Cut – Hair Cutting Styles for Wavy Hair

short pixie cut for wavy hair

This idea is for the confident women out there. Pixie cuts generally suit all kinds of hairs, yet the wavy hair makes it look more voluminous and textured. If you are a woman who defines herself as open to new experiences, you may try this cut and see whether it’s the right for you.

Beautiful Haircut for Long Wavy Hair

trendy haircuts for wavy hair

You may consider this option in case you have a medium-to-long wavy hair and want a bit of change. The style is suitable for ladies that have high standards when it comes to maintaining their appearance. It makes the impression that you are an elegant and stylish woman.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

blunt bob for short wavy hair


One of the greatest benefits of choosing to go with this haircut is that it’s quite easy to maintain. At the same time, it looks amazing on all face shapes and hair colors. This is one of our favorites, actually. It is a classic that never gets old. So, you really can’t go wrong with it.

In a nutshell, no matter your hair type, it’s always wise to choose the right hair cutting technique. This has an impact on the final hairstyle, how easy it will be to style it, and many other factors. If your hair has waves, and you aim to improve their natural appearance, the two-step layers technique might be the right one for you. It can make your hair look more healthy and voluminous. We hope that we inspired you to try some of the trendy and beautiful haircuts for your natural wavy hair.

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