How to Cut Your Own Hair Like a Pro? Super Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Men

by Kristiyana

Can a guy cut his own hair at home and still look good? What is the easiest way to do it? A step-by-step guide on how to cut your own hair for men.

How to Cut Your Own Hair? An Easy Guide for Men

how to cut your own hair men how to cut your own hair

So, you’ve decided to save some money and a trip to the barber and cut your own hair? This practice can be quite tricky, but with a few tips and tricks, I am sure that you can pull it off. And with practice, you will only get better and better, and may even stop visiting your local barber shop altogether. Learn how to cut your own hair like a pro by following our super easy step-by-step guide!

What you will need: 

  • quality electric trimmer with guards
  • hair clippers
  • hair comb
  • styling product – texturing paste, hairspray, etc.
  • hand mirror

Step 1: Prepare a Neat Workspace

If you’ve ever dyed your hair at home or cut it, you know that things can get quite messy. So to best avoid this, set up a workspace where you can freely cut your own hair. Go in front of the bathroom mirror and put a towel down on the floor for an easier clean up later. Put all the tools you need close by.

Is It Better to Cut Your Own Hair Wet or Dry?

While you’ve noticed that most professional hair stylists work with wet hair, you should take into consideration that they have been specially trained for this. If you are cutting your hair by yourself, working on it while it’s very wet can be harder, as you might not be able to cut it with precision. You can wash it, pat dry with a towel leaving it slightly damp, comb nicely and then proceed to cutting.

Step 2: Start by Trimming The Sides of Your Hair

how to trim your own hair men trimming hair at home men


First, take your hair comb and comb the hair up onto your head and away from your sides. Then get your electric trimmer and place a guard of 4 or 5 on it. Start trimming from the bottom of your head at the temple, proceeding to slowly go up. When you’ve reached the top, do a slight curve with your hand and the blade of the trimmer out. Proceed by slowly trimming from the front to the sides until you’ve trimmed everything. Repeat the same steps for both sides of your head.

Tip: If you feel like you didn’t cut enough, slowly go down to a shorter guard until you get the results you seek. Pay most attention to your mid and top as we will fade the hair later.

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Step 3: Trimming The Back of Your Hair

tips for cutting hair at home men advice on how to cut your own hair

Let’s now trim the back! First, face away from your mirror in the opposite direction. Then take the hand mirror and hold it up so that you can see the back of your head clearly. Set your trimmer on a high guard of 4 or 5 and start trimming from the bottom to the top, without taking too much in the beginning. Trim as you did the sides, moving your hand outwards in a curving motion until you reach the top. It will take some time until you get used to trimming in such a manner. Once you feel more confident in your movements, switch to a lower guard and begin to trim. Get the entire back of your head, trimming from the bottom to the top.

Step 4: How to Fade Your Hair by Yourself?

Now it’s time to fade your hair! We will start with the sides. Have your trimmer in a shorter guard for this. You will proceed with the same method as the last time, only now you will stop and curve away at the middle and not the top. Do it slowly, trimming from the bottom to the top. Trim until you like the results, and do the same with the other side. For the back, again with the hand mirror, trim with the same technique as before. To fade your temples, go down one more guard and perform the same method by trimming up and rolling the blade out. Stay in the temple area and don’t got too high up.

Step 5: Defining the Outline of Your Hair

outlining your hair at home how to outline hair at home men

To define the outline of your hair, you can use a trimmer without a guard. Start by trimming the sideburns, making sure that the bottom is nice and straight. Then, bend your ear down and slowly trim the hairline all the way behind the ear. Do the same with your other ear. To define the neck, best to use your hand mirror again. Begin at the area by your ears, working your way down. When you’re done there, do the same with the other side. Once both sides are nice and sharp, trim the back of your neck for those well-defined lines with the help of your hand mirror.

Step 6: How to Cut Your Own Hair?

Okay, now it’s time to go for the cut! If your hair is completely dry, add some water to it for an easier process. Start from the top, by taking your comb and pulling a section of your hair straight up. Take your finger and grab your hair right under the comb. Now take the clippers and cut a little bit from the top of your hand first. See how your hair looks, and if you feel like you need to cut more, go back and cut until you reach your desired length. Repeat this step with the entire front of your hair, going left to right. Go slow and take your time. Once you feel like you are done with the front, proceed in the same manner with the middle part. Be sure not to cut the side part too short. Cutting the back is again tricky, so use the hand mirror and practise a few times to get used to cutting in the opposite direction.

Step 7: Finishing Touches & Styling

styling hair at home men styling hair after cutting it

Check out how your hair looks by looking at the bathroom mirror and moving your head around. If you notice any stray hairs or unfinished details, clip and trim them carefully. Style your hair as you usually would, by using your preferred texturing paste, matte hairspray or mousse. You should look great!

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