Celebrity Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle – 2022 Cool and Casual Haircut Trend

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There is hardly any other hairstyle that is so popular and offers us so many styling options. It is not a surprise that celebrity short wavy Bob hairstyle sets the trend as these exceptional women look gorgeous. This hairstyle always looks a little different depending on the cut and is as suitable for the red carpet as for the beach!

What Is a Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle?

Celebrity Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle 2022 Haircut Trend

Wavy Bob hairstyle looks equally good on short and medium length hair. The wavy Bob is a Bob haircut with soft waves or curls. It is casual, easy-care and chic and that is why is the hairstyle trend for 2022! The short wavy Bob hairstyle is the choice of both young and adult girls, because it creates a noticeable volume along the entire length of the hair, and also emphasizes the incredible beauty of a woman.

charlize theron short wavy bob styling ideas


Despite the fact that the Bob haircut has a very simple shape, it looks incredibly stunning. Whether ultra-short, shoulder-length, long Bob, graduated, asymmetrical or with bangs – the wavy Bob always looks great. In addition, this is the perfect hairstyle for fine and thin hair as it provides plenty of volume.

Christina Hendricks trendy hairstyles wavy bob

The wavy Bob is one of the trendy, incomparable hairstyle options. Easy to style, suitable for a festive event, corporate party or every day, this haircut is suitable for everyone without exception. In addition, mischievous curls give a fresh and cheerful look to any woman.

Who Can Wear a Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle?

Emma Stone short wavy bob with long side bangs

A wavy Bob haircut is a win-win option for girls with straight and thin hair. On natural curls, the hairstyle looks no less impressive and harmonious, in particular, if the hair is soft and not too thick.

The shape of the face, the color of the skin and hair, age and social status do not matter, the haircut suits everyone. The naughty curls and careless waves will give your appearance a touch of airiness, tenderness and softness, emphasizing your femininity. In addition, it can hide some imperfections! While the trendy hairstyle gently plays around square and long faces, the wavy Bob with beach waves makes round faces appear narrower. The hairstyle captivates with its versatility and practicality.

How to Style a Short Wavy Bob?

How to style short wavy bob haircut

A wavy Bob looks festive and bright, but at the same time perfect for a casual look. This trendy hairstyle can be worn in many different ways. Short wavy Bob hairstyle looks bold yet flirtatious and romantic. It exposes the neck and adds to the feminine charm of the woman.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Jennifer Lawrence

An asymmetrical wavy Bob hairstyle looks original and expressive, elegant and stylish. For a festive celebration, it is enough to decorate the hairstyle with a trendy hairpin.

Graduated Bob

graduated short wavy bob haircut

Graduation makes styling easier. The shortened ends lay in order, keeping the given shape, even without styling. The transitions from short strands to long strands can be smooth or cascading. The first option looks gentle and sophisticated and the second – bold and original.

Wavy Bob with Bangs

Trendy Hairstyles Wavy Bob with Bangs

An elongated bang, smoothly merging with the main curls, looks organically with a wavy Bob.

How to Create the Perfect Beach Waves for Short Hair?

How to Create the Perfect Beach Waves

Beautifully casual and yet super chic – playful beach waves have been one of our favorite hairstyles for years. The loose waves are a real eye-catcher and always ensure a casual, airy, light look. And the best? It takes less than 10 minutes to style. How to get beach waves with a hair curler?

First apply heat protection spray and divide the hair into individual sections depending on the length.

Next, take a thin strand of hair in the curling iron and rotate it downwards in one smooth movement.

Repeat the process with the remaining strands.

Loosen up the hair slightly with your hands, fix with hairspray and your casual wavy Bob is ready!

How to Style a Short Wavy Bob without Heat?

Beyonce Wavy Bob Haircut

Don’t have any styling tools at hand or just don’t want to stress your hair unnecessarily? You don’t have to, because a wavy Bob can be styled just as quickly and easily without heat! How to do that?

Styling Beach Waves with a Bun – This is probably the easiest way to style the wavy Bob without heat. Simply twist your hair into one or more buns and leave for at least 2-3 hours or preferably overnight. Then loosen your hair with your hands, apply hairspray and you’re done!

Making waves with braids – This also works perfectly and ensures the perfect curls without the heat. Simply braid several braids and leave them overnight. Untie the braids in the morning and voilà – you already have the perfect wavy Bob!



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