2023 Medium Length Haircuts for Fine Hair: Get Ready for Some Volume!

by Gabby

Have you ever wondered how to turn your fine hair into a beautiful, voluminous and silky mane? Having thin hair is surely something we want to avoid, but there’s nothing a cute volumizing haircut can’t fix. What are the best medium length haircuts for fine hair? How to style them easily? Who can wear them?

2023 Medium Length Haircuts for Fine Hair: Get Ready for Some Volume!

2023 medium length haircuts for fine hair over 50 volumizing

Having fine hair is a nightmare for every woman out there… No matter how you style it, you get the same result – thin-looking, dull, dry hair! Well, the solution was right there in front of you the whole time – a trendy volumizing medium length haircut! Why medium length, you may ask? When your hair is fine, if it’s too long it creates the effect of very thinning hair as the ends get heavy and it becomes frizzy. Or if you have too short hair, then you can make it look even worst. To avoid this, the ideal hairstyle is of medium length. Let’s see some of the best suggestions that will transform your look and give you the volume that you need!

What Cut Is The Best for Fine Thin Hair?

As we already mentioned, the best thing you can do for your fine hair is to cut it medium length. The hair should not be too long, since it might get frizzy, and not too short to avoid making it appear even thinner. There’s another trick that you can do for a BIG transformation – blunt cut. The blunt hair ends will create the illusiion for a thicker hair. The best suggestion for you is to adapt a lob hairstyle, which will rejuvinate you.

lob haircut for straight fine hair medium length


Should Medium Length Fine Hair be Layered?

If you have a fine hair, you should consider making in layered. The layers are the ideal way to add volume to the hair in a natural way, without making it look frizzy or dull. They can literally make your locks look absolutely different and better than before. For the ladies with medium length hair, consider adapting the trendy butterfly cut with face-framing layers.

medium length butterfly haircut for fine hair layers

Medium Length Haircuts for Fine Hair Oval Face: Before VS After

medium length haircut for fine hair oval face shag bob hairstyle with bangs

Speaking of layers, you can clearly see their magic on this before vs after photo. If you had fine and flat hair all your life, you have to act quick. Take an appointment at the hair salon and ask for a shaggy cut with bangs and don’t forget to mentioned that you want it medoum length.

Medium Length Haircuts for Fine Hair Over 60

medium length haircut for fine hair over 60 with bangs

Having fine and thin hair over 60 is something completely normal, since it comes with age. But, worry not! There are plenty of medium length haircuts that will rejuvinate you and make you feel and look comfident. For example, this lob haircut with face-framing layers and wispy bangs is super edgy and it suits everyone at that age.

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Choppy Lob Haircut for Women with Fine Hair and Glasses

medium length choppy lob haircut for women with thin hair and glasses

Healthy and voluminous hair is everyone’s dream and it turns out that it is easily achievable with the right hairstyle. We have already clarified that the volume of most women with thin hair is due to the layers. However, if you wear glasses in your daily life, layers will definitely contribute to an elegant look. Let’s not forget the bangs we’ve been seeing on almost every hairstyle lately.

Medium Length Shaggy Bob Haircut for Women Over 50

shaggy medium length bob haircut for women over 50 with glasses and thin hair

Do you happen to have flat and fine hair over 50? We are here to tell you that you can forget abou that! Say hello to the volumizing shaggy medium length bob haircut with choppy layers and bangs. This is surely one of the most transforming hairstyles for women over 50 to adapt in 2023. It will make your hair look asbolutely healthy, shiny and bouncy.

Medium Length Wolf Cut for Women with Fine Hair and Round Face

medium length wolf haircut for women with fine hair and round face shape

Remember the beginning of 2023, when the wolf cut was such a hit? Well, it turns out that it still is and it will be in fashion for a long time. If you want to jazz things up and adapt something different that will show off your edginess, we highly recommend going for the wolf cut with layers and bangs, which will be ideal for your fine hair.

Blunt Medium Length Bob Haircut for Fine Wavy Hair

blunt medium length bob haircut for fine wavy hair

As we mentioned earlier, the blunt hair ends are a great idea to camouglage your fine hair. Medium length bob haircut for wavy hair is one of the most fashionable trends at the moment and it is easly customizable according to your face shape and age. The blunt cut will add volume to your locks and you can forget abou the fine hair right away!

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Layered Medium Length Haircut with Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair

layered medium length haircut with curtain bangs for fine hair

Curtain bangs are always a good idea! How to turn your fine hair into a bouncy voluminous mane? The answer is layered medium length haircut with face-framing curtain bangs. They are the finish touch for the ideal look in 2023!


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