The “Frame” Haircut: A stylish solution that brings out your best features!

by Anjelina

As women, we often experiment with our appearance, searching for ways to accentuate the features we love. In the vast sea of information and ideas, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine which fashion trend is the most suitable for us. Especially when it comes to hairstyles. Fortunately, hairdressers have long since figured out a way to highlight our best features, namely through the so-called “frame” haircut. Continue reading to find out what exactly it is. Chances are, this hairstyle is just for you!

wavy layered hairstyle face framing with bangs dark hair color mid-length

What is a frame haircut?

As the name suggests, this haircut “frames” your face, thus bringing out all your lovely, feminine features. This effect is achieved predominantly with the help of layers, and in some cases with bangs. The best thing is that the “frame” haircut looks good on everyone, regardless of their hair’s length or face shape. Finding the perfect cut to meet your specific features shouldn’t be a problem for your hairdresser. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to style your hair almost every day, otherwise, the hairstyle will not have the same effect. It’s best to consult your hairdresser on how to maintain your hair on a daily basis.

Which face-framing style is best for you?

frame haircut long curly dark hair with bangs


If you’re already curious to find out which frame hairstyle will suit you, it’s best to choose it according to your face shape. There is one basic rule that most stylists follow, and it is that when the face is long, the layers of hair should be shorter, starting somewhere above the chin. And when the face is round, it is recommended that the layers are longer.

1. Oval face

oval face framing layers with bangs brown wavy hair

All layered hairstyles suit an oval face, but we recommend that you stick to medium-length and long-length layered haircuts. You may also consider some face-framing bangs, as they will further emphasize your facial features.

2. Square face

square shape face framing layers middle length blond hair

A square face has sharp lines, and usually, its width and length are almost the same. If you have such a face shape, a few face-framing layers, starting below your chin, would look stunning on you. Side-swept bangs will also create a great contrast with your defined facial features.

3. Heart-shaped face

heart-shaped face dark layered haircut

If your forehead is the widest part of your face, and you have a pointed chin, most probably your face is heart-shaped. The best way to frame your face in this case is to simply focus the attention on the narrowest part of your face – the chin. Face-framing layers starting just below your chin are probably the best option, making the hair look voluminous at the bottom.

4. Round face

round shape long face framing layers

As with the square face, the round face has roughly the same length and width. The chin and jawline are rounded. We already mentioned that those who have round face should aim for longer layers, and longer hair in particular, as it optically makes their face look longer. If you have a round face, you may ask your hairdresser to frame your face with layers, starting right below your jawline.

5. Rectangular face

rectangular face framing layers frame haircut long brown wavy hair

The rectangular shape is the elongated version of the square face shape. A few medium-length layers can do miracles with softening the sharp features of this shape. Note that long-length layers are not recommended as they will further elongate your face.

Ways to style your frame haircut

messy ombre layered hairstyle with bangs

Once you’ve achieved your desired frame haircut, it’s time to find the best ways to style it so that it looks good on you. Layered haircuts can be styled easily – curling, straightening, blow-drying, etc. But they require constant maintenance and care, otherwise your hair can look quite messy. Make sure to take a few minutes in the morning to properly style your hair!

1. Tightly curled frame layers

frizzy curly face framing hairstyle long brown hair

Be brave and curl your hair more than you’ve ever dared! The layers that frame your face look fantastic when they are tightly curled, revealing all your beautiful facial features. It’s a great way to achieve a different look if you feel like it.

2. A bouncy blow-dry

long layered bouncy haircut curled at the ends

The blow-dry technique is ideal for styling layers, as it adds extra volume and gives the hair a gorgeous look. What is more, these natural, bouncy waves aren’t at all hard to achieve at home, once you get the hang of it. And it is definitely worth the effort!

3. Straight Layered Hair

face framing layers straight dark middle-length hair

Feel free to use a hair straightener whenever you want! The layers create texture and volume that won’t disappear when you straighten them. On the contrary, your hair will look stunning, modern and sophisticated. Actually, you can never go wrong with layered hairstyles!

“Frame” Haircut – Photo Gallery

short layered hairstyle straight blond hair

“Frame” haircut on straight hair

straight hair with layers face framing technique

Face framing layered hairstyle with bangs

face framing layered hairstyle with bangs dark mid-length hair

Frame haircut – long wavy fair hair

frame haircut for long wavy fair hair

Long straight layered hairstyle

frame haircut long blond layered hair

“Frame” Haircut with curtain bangs

frame haircut with curtain bangs slightly waved

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