What are the best hairstyles for long face? Balance your face shape with these trendy haircuts

by Kremy

If your face is longer than it is wide, but has no sharp edges, then its type is definitely oblong. And since we know where the disproportion lies, appropriate hairstyles for long face need to make up for it by adding the required volume on the sides. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to achieve this effect. We will tell you all the secrets of professional stylists.

Flattering and trendy hairstyles for long face

The best hairstyles for long face

Every face is unique. Its features, proportions and shape determine the choice of acceptable hairstyles. Haircuts for long face are not a big problem. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical features, you can make your long face perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet.

Rounded layers for a balanced look

create an illusion of width with rounded layers


Adding width to your cheekbones is a must for long face shapes, so you need to opt for some rounded layers with lots of movement that will add width to your face.

You are always on the right track with these bob hairstyles

The versatile bob haircuts to fit long face

Ladies who are looking for a shorter style but still want to keep some length should consider a bob haircut. Its length can offer more styling versatility for someone looking to balance a long face and neck. While the cut may be classic, the tousled waves and subtle highlights make it modern and fresh. Also, the volume of the style adds fullness to narrow faces.

  • A shoulder length haircut is the most flattering. You want to create width, which you can easily achieve with waves.
  • If your face has a pointed chin and fairly prominent cheekbones, you can bridge the gap between them by having an angled bob that is longer at the front.
  • Messy bob hairstyles are great because they create volume in straight strands. The wavy texture is perfect for short haircuts as it reduces the length of the face while accentuating the cheekbones.
  • A bob with rounded tips can have a lot of volume even if it is not long. Simply use some volume spray before blow drying your curls, use a medium round brush and part your damp hair for a more precise styling.

Choppy lob with curtain bangs

Lob with Curtain Bangs for a modern look

Do you want to attract more attention when you walk down the street? Then this fancy choppy bob with soft waves is for you. Show off this thick hair with rich dark color and a center parting.

Choppy shag for thick hair

Choppy Shag for thick hair and long face

This layered modern shag haircut adds lots of volume and frames the face, which is a double win for ladies with long faces. Complete your look with some flirty hair tips to make your curly shag even more eye-catching.

Medium shag for even more volume

The medium shag is suitable for thin and thick hair

A fun and fabulous style reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s style – the medium shag with wispy bangs takes inches off your face. It adds body to your tresses if you have thin hair, while also making it appear long and luscious if you have thicker tresses.

Haircut with shaved layers

What are the best hairstyles for long face tips

Minimalist and understated, this side-parted razor-sharp hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts for long faces and long locks. The layers make the hair fall more naturally, providing more movement and bounce.

What hairstyles for long face? Try a ponytail!

Ponytail in the middle of the head goes excellent to long face

Place it roughly in the middle or at the bottom of the head. If you have an oblong face, you don’t want it too high as it will add height to the appearance of the face.

The modern pageboy is one of the best hairstyles for long face

Balancing the long face with pageboy cut

The pageboy style haircut is very dramatic with lots of shine. You can complete the look with bangs. This is the perfect style for anyone who has thicker hair that can create so much volume.

One of the best hairstyles for long face: voluminous and curly

curly hairstyle for long faces

The longer your hair, the more it can weigh down a long face. The curly hairstyle hits the shoulders and gives width to the face.

Short layered pixie with wavy bangs

What hairstyles for long face layered pixie wavy bangs

If you have a long face shape, consider a short layered pixie with wavy bangs. A striking short pixie is low maintenance and very easy to style. Layered waves add depth and shape and are an excellent choice when you want a wash-and-go cut. Use some texture paste to add definition to your waves.

Wavy blonde hair with straight bangs for long face

Wavy hairstyle with straight bangs

Wavy blonde hair with straight bangs is one of the best looks for long face shapes. The straight-cut bangs create a softer edge. Going for cute bangs can help you shorten the high forehead and balance out your face shape.

Red wavy hair with bardot bangs

Wavy hair with bardot bangs for ladies with long faces

This hairstyle gives a fiery feel to the long oval face. As for styling, use a large curling iron and then brush your hair for a classic, timeless style.



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