Awesome forearm tattoo for men – 50 ideas for handsome guys!

by Kremy

It has been a trend for a long time to cover our whole body with tattoos! However, today we are focusing on the forearm tattoo for men! The good news is that this type of design has certainly evolved over the past few years. Currently, it represents a way of revealing your personality and, in some cases, your personal history. So what could be more original is you want to display your identity than to transform your arms into a marvelous work of art? Flower tattoos, geometric designs, phrases, Polynesian tattoos, oldschool… we have a bit of everything!

Forearm tattoo for men – what design is for you?

forearm tattoo for men top trends masculine tattoos tattoo art

Why dare the tattoo on the forearm? Well, because tattooed guys are cute! Visible or concealed depending on the season, the arm or forearm tattoo is one of the most preferred by men. And it’s not by chance, since the large surface area of the arms allows super impressive and varied designs. Even the most discreet designs can impress when they are well chosen and made.

Forearm tattoo for men ideas trendy lion head


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, forearm tattoos symbolize strength and are used to commemorate a personal or shared experience, to remind someone of their personal goals or victories or to honor a loved one, which makes them a particularly interesting choice for gentlemen. Here are our most beautiful models!

Forearm tattoo for men – bracelet

forearm tattoo men bracelet colored clock

As we told you, the discreet forearm tattoo for men is not to be overlooked. Sexy and elegant, it is all the rage among the ladies in recent years. Even men are already falling for it! Very easy to wear and even easier to hide, the mini tattoo can be done in several patterns and styles. For those of you whose goal is not to end up with a half sleeve or a full arm, the best choice will be to start with a small discreet tattoo. The design can come from a personal story or simply from a trending model seen online. Basically, black ink gives you several options. Graphic, minimalist or in color… the choice is yours!

Tribal style tattoo for men

tribal tattoos for men forearm

Tribal tattoos are definitely among the most popular choices for guys. Polynesian designs are particularly well-known examples and for excellent reasons. After all, the word “tattoo” comes from Polynesia. Shark teeth, crab, shells, lizard, etc… the Maori tattoo offers several body decorations. The majority of these carry deep spiritual significance.

Forearm tattoo for men ideas tribal maori

However, there are contemporary designs that mean nothing to either the tattoo artist or the owner: they are just there for aesthetic purposes. Apart from the impressive variety of patterns, the placement of the tribal tattoo can also vary. Most of the traditional designs were supposed to be visible, which explains their placement in places like the face and arms.

Clock Forearm Tattoo for Men

tattoo forearm man clock

On the meaning side: a clock tattoo can symbolize the passing of time. It can be interpreted as impatience or as a reminder that nothing lasts forever. On the other hand, such a tattoo could symbolize death, which is quite a common motif in the inkage world. That’s why we find the clock with a Mexican skull tattoo.

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Old school tattoo designs

Forearm tattoo for men ideas oldschool heart

We can recognize them by their thick lines and their bright colors, but also by their favorite subjects: old school tattoos immerse us in the flowery and colorful universe of sailors and pin-ups. Marine anchor, sailor, pin-up, swallow, skulls or rose: their colors are bright, the contours are marked and universe often reminds that of the sailor. Each of the symbols and characters tells their own story.

The forearm man tattoo can be graphic as well

geometric tattoo half sleeve men

Fine strokes and straight lines are the two key words for every trendy graphic tattoo. A good place to take advantage of it is undoubtedly the forearm. The arrow and the compass, for example, prove to be two excellent choices for those of you who fall for this type of images. Symbolizing the new beginning and positive change, the arrow will only enhance your arm. But what’s more, it can very easily turn into a half-sleeve!

tattoo man forearm graphic wolf head

After the graphic forearm tattoos, we absolutely fall for the geometric style! No matter if it is a triangle, circle or other geometric shape, this type of images could combine different styles while creating hypnotic patterns. Geometric tattoos trigger a real craze among people. Why? Because they can be embellished with several different patterns, such as flowers and animals.

Forearm tattoo ideas for men – sentence / first name / date

forearm tattoo for men phrase first name date

A line of poetry, a famous quote, a verse from a song, a motto, a date, a tender word or simply the first name of your better half: some messages that look like us sometimes make us want to write them down permanently. On the collarbone, the ankle, in the neck or the back… whatever the case, the most suitable location for this type of tattoos remains the forearm.


Forearm tattoo for men 50 ideas for handsome guys

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