Crafts with Lavender: 3 Super Easy Ideas for the Whole Family!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

The scent of lavender is slowly but surely enchanting us in many gardens, and possibly in our own as well. Don’t quite know what to do with the beautiful, fragrant blooms? We suggest that you dry them and then make something creative and useful with lavender flowers. What beautiful things can you craft?

Once you have dried lavender flowers, you can really do a lot of projects with them, from simple but beautiful dried bouquets to flower arrangements, to pretty crafts where even your kids can join in. What can I craft from these lovely, fragrant flowers?

Crafts with Lavender Flowers – Dry Them in Advance

diy lavender wreath wreath with lavender

While the following projects can also be crafted with fresh lavender stems, they actually release their aroma better when dried. You can read about the best way to harvest and dry blossoms here.

Wall Decoration with Driftwood & Lavender Flowers

If you like beach-inspired decorations, you will surely love this idea! From simple driftwood and dried lavender flowers you get a decoration with which you can bring the atmosphere of summer, sun, the beach, and sea between your four walls. And it’s super easy to make!

What you will need:

  • 6 pieces of driftwood
  • dried lavender or fresh stems
  • flower wire
  • fishing line
  • scissors

craft with lavender for door things to make with dried lavender

Assemble a kind of window frame from the driftwood. From four pieces make the outer frame, and the other two – a grid inside, so that the window will look more interesting. At the intersections, tie the sticks together with floral wire. Tie it several times crosswise for this purpose.

Once everything is tight, use the fishing line to tie small bunches of lavender to the outer frame. Simply cut off protruding stem ends with scissors to trim and shape your decoration a little. Now you can hang up your cute lavender craft! It is ideal as a wall or door decoration. But it can also be hanged over a window.

How to Make Bookmarks with Lavender Flowers?

vintage crafts vintage craft with lavender

A romantic, homemade bookmark will delight your reading time even more and can also serve as a wonderful gift. Thanks to the transparent look, you can really enjoy the beauty of these flowers. A great craft idea for summer, but also if you want to use your dried lavender flowers later for crafting in late summer.

What you will need:

  • free frame template
  • pressed lavender flowers
  • adhesive foil
  • glue
  • scissors

crafts with dried lavender lavender bookmark craft

How to do it:

  • Print any template for the bookmark on cardboard and cut it out. Here you also remove the inner part, which should be transparent.
  • Put a piece of foil with the adhesive side in front of you and spread the lavender flowers on it in any way. Be sure to concentrate the flowers on an area that will later be in the bookmark’s transparent window.
  • Stick another piece of foil over it, sticky side down, to seal the flowers. Be careful not to add any air bubbles if possible.
  • Now glue the frame over it and cut off any excess foil on the sides.
  • If you like, you can punch a hole in the sign at one point and tie on another piece of string or ribbon.

3d frame for diy lavender bookmark crafts with dried lavender

Golden frame to cut out

crafts to do with lavender frame for bookmarks vintage style free print

Dark lavender as a colour for a vintage frame

free bookmark template crafts made with lavender

Free beautiful frame to print out in purple

what can i make from lavender free template for lavender craft bookmark

Cut out along the lines for a mint green flower frame

romantic bookmark make it yourself with template and adhesive film things to make with dried lavender

Crafts with Lavender: Sticks Weave with Ribbons

crafts with lavender crafts with dried lavender

Everyone knows about scented sachets, but have you ever seen scented wands? For this lovely DIY alternative from grandma’s time, you need nothing more than dried lavender flowers with stems, a beautiful ribbon in any colour and a shish kebab skewer. This is also a great idea for crafting with kids in the summer with natural materials.

  • It is best to take flowers with about the same length and a stem length of about 15 cm.
  • Remove the leaves from the stems, leaving only the bare stem with the flower. You can also cut off the buds.
  • Cut a meter of the tape and fold it in half. 10 centimetres below this fold, tie a knot of both pieces of ribbon.
  • Take some of the lavender flowers together to make a bouquet that is as even as possible.
  • Place the ribbon in the bouquet with the loop facing down. The two ends of the ribbon protrude from the flowers, the knot is below the flowers.
  • Tie the bouquet together with the ribbon tightly with string.

romantic lavender decorations diy lavender decorations

  • Hold the flower part down in your hand and bend the stems outward so that the knot of the ribbon is revealed.
  • Now begin to weave one of the ribbon ends with the stems. To do this, pass it alternately under one stem, then over the next, underneath again, and so on. Work your way forward, row by row. If the ribbon does not fit well, you can fix it with the shish kebab.

crafts with lavender crafts with lavender flowers

  • Once you are satisfied with the length, tie the stems tightly together with the two ends of the ribbon. Then wrap the ribbon a few times and the rest of the flower stems and tie a knot at the bottom as well.
  • Cut off the ends of the stems that are still sticking out. You can hang the fancy lavender bag from the loop.

summer craft ideas summer craft ideas for children

You can make a few more lovely DIY flower decorations here.


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