3 Easy DIY Birthday Calendar Ideas for the Classroom

by Kristiyana

The new school year has started and there are numerous new classes in which the children are getting to know each other. Whether in kindergarten or elementary school, a calendar that shows the birthdays of all classmates is a great idea so that you don’t forget them and can celebrate a little. How about making a birthday calendar with free adorable templates just for this purpose?

Of course, the calendar should be colourful and cheerful, because, after all, birthdays are special occasions. Rainbows, cupcakes, animals, or the four seasons are just a few of the many options for using the calendar as a beautiful decoration for the classroom or group room at daycare.

How to Make a Birthday Calendar for the Classroom/ Daycare?

birthday calendar crafting with templates simple ideas for classrooms

You can recreate our craft ideas by using these free templates. You can also make some of the elements yourself and freehand.

Create a Birthday Calendar with Cupcakes As a Garland

diy cupcakes on a string and decorate the classroom with garland


Easily print out the cupcakes and candles to create a pretty classroom birthday calendar in the form of a garland for the wall or window. It’s that easy:

muffins in oversize print out and stick on the wall with the children's names

  • Print out the templates and cut them out or
  • Print out the colouring page and have the children colour it.
  • Label the cupcakes with the 12 months of the year in the spaces provided.
  • Cut out the candles and flames and glue them together.
  • You need a candle for each birthday. Write the date on the flame and the name of the child on the candle.
  • Then stick the candles behind the cupcakes of the corresponding month.
  • Glue the cupcakes to a long enough piece of string or yarn.
  • Hang the finished garland.

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cupcakes with the months names labelled and glued together as a garland

Make birthday calendars in elementary school with cupcakes to colour in

free cupcake template for birthday garland

Simple DIY Calendar with Balloons

calendar without a year for birthdays of the students and fellow classmates

Craft cardboard, some coloured paper and labelled balloons: that’s all you need to make a birthday calendar with templates. You can choose the colours yourself. Print out the coloured balloons or use the variants to colour in. Here’s how to make your own birthday calendar:

  • Glue together several sheets of craft cardboard in the colour you want, depending on how big you would like the calendar to be.
  • Cut out 12 black or other coloured rectangles and arrange them on the cardboard. You could also use appropriate colours for each season.
  • You will then need 12 smaller, white rectangles that you label with the months and stick diagonally over the previous rectangles (or simply write down the month names).
  • Prepare the required amount of balloons and label them with the respective name and date.
  • Glue short pieces of string to them.
  • Glue the balloons to the appropriate rectangles/months.
  • Now you can attach the birthday calendar to the wall at a visible height.

birthday calendar craft with templates for balloons to colour free easy to download

Print out colourful balloons and decorate them with string

colour free templates for balloons to print

Colourful DIY Calendar for the Wall

making a birthday calender with free templates rainbow variant

A birthday calendar for kindergarten with a rainbow creates a happy atmosphere and can be made very quickly and easily with our printable birthday calendar templates.

  • Print out the colourful rainbow in A3 format, or choose the colouring page that the children have to create first.
  • Cut out the clouds and label them with the names of the months.
  • Below, punch holes into the clouds (one hole per month).
  • Glue the clouds to both ends of the rainbow.
  • Tie ribbons of matching colours into the holes (as an extension of each rainbow colour).
  • Provide the same number of brackets as there are children in the class.
  • Write the date and name of each child on the brackets.
  • Clip the clips onto the band with the correct month.

birthday calendar crafting with templates for free printing

Tip: If you want, you can make the birthday calendar with photos by simply sticking them on the clips. But also leave some space for the date and possibly the name.

colouring picture for a rainbow for kindergarten children

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