Neon French Tips – The Newest Nail Art Obsession That’s Taking the Internet By Storm

by Stephanie Yankova

What better way to put yourself in the spirit of the lingering summer season than getting a fun colorful set of vibrant nails? Neons are all in this year – from the top of your head all the way to the tip of your toes, literally. But what happens when old classics meet present trends? Well, according to some of the biggest Instagram beauty gurus, the marriage between the timeless French tips and neon colors is the new it-girl manicure that’s going to be all the rave in the upcoming months! So without further ado, let’s browse through some of the funkiest neon French tip designs that will make you the guiding light in the dark at every party this year!

What’s the Best Color for Neon French Tips?

long almond shape nails colorful abstract drawings neon french tips

In order to choose the best neon color for your manicure, you’ll have to match it to your skin tone. You have pale skin with cool undertones the best shades for you would be hot neon pink or dark neon purple. If your skin undertone is warmer, then you can opt for brighter neons, like orange or green. Warm to dark skin complexion with warm undertones is a great canvas for really bright, vibrant neon colors, such as yellow and coral. For those of you who are dark-skinned but have a cool undertone instead, try neon blue and magenta to bring out the more purple undertones of your skin. For the lucky ones with neutral skin undertones, electric red, orange, and lavender are the best options for you.

Try Out These Quirky Neon French Tips Designs

long ballerina shape nails minimalist orange pink yellow double neon french tips


As soon as I saw that neon French nails are trending, I scouted the Internet thoroughly to find all the funkiest, most breath-taking, and awe-inspiring designs that will put you at the center of every rave with their illuminating colorful hues. Take a look at the following selection of colorful nail designs and ride the 80s wave with the rest of the cool kids!

Ombre Neon French Tips

purple blue pink neon ombre french tips long oval nails

Ombre nails and illusion French nails caused an absolute rage at the beginning of 2023 as some of the trendiest nail designs for the winter/spring seasons. Now it’s time to make room for the newest addition to the abstract reimagination of the classic design – the ombre neon French tips! For a flawless effect, choose colors that are within the same shade range – hot pink and light purple and dark purple with dark neon blue.

Holographic Base with Yellow Neon French Tips

holographic powder base yellow neon french tip oval nail shape

This super fun, futuristic manicure is definitely for those who aren’t afraid of bold experiments! Who would’ve thought that holographic powder could look so good in combination with a bold yellow neon French tip? Certainly not me! However, I am unequivocally obsessed!

Micro Neon French Tip Almond Nails

minimalist yellow double french tip long oval nail shape


For all my beloved minimalists out there, the micro French manicure seemed to be a favorite nail trend at the beginning of the year! Now we’re putting a little twist on this modern classic in the shade of yellow neon! Who said that simple can’t be bold?

Double Black and Neon French Tip Square Nails

black with neon double french tips long square nails

A stunning example of a more subtle way of incorporating neon colors into your French nails while still making a statement is this black French manicure. Underlining the tips with mismatched neon colors will undeniably make the black color pop!

V Shape Neon French Tip Short Nails

yellow neon french tips short square nails trends 2023

Regardless of nail shape and length, French tips simply look flawlessly on everybody! Put a little twist to the classic silhouette and opt for this V shape in a bright yellow neon color for a fun and chic manicure!

Fiery Neon French Tip Coffin Nails

neon orange yellow ombre french tips black flames snake drawings

Another great way to experiment with the ombre effect is by creating a horizontal gradient. The neon orange and yellow blend is reminiscent of the color of a flame and the minimalist drawings on top accentuate the design beautifully!

Abstract Rainbow Ombre Neon French Tips

abstract rainbow neon ombre french tip long oval nails

I can’t deny, this might be one of my favorite designs of this trend so far! It’s fun, colorful, vibrant a true rebellion against norms and rules with this abstract shape of the French-inspired tip! The mismatched rainbow ombre colors are a great playful design for the upcoming summer months and will put you in an instant good mood every time you look at them!

More Neon French Tips Nail Designs

pink neon french tips long square nail shape

Yellow Neon French Tips With White Sparkles on Ballerina Nails

neon yellow french tips short ballerina nail shape white sparkles

Negative Space Orange Neon French Tip Nails with Checkerboard Accents

negative space yellow red neon french tips checkerboard

Mismatched Colorful Neon French Tips on Long Almond Nails

mismatched multi color neon french tips long almond nail shape

Milky White Base with Abstract Orange Neon French Tips

milky white base long square nail shape orange abstract neon french tips

Mix & Match Colorful Crocodile Pattern Neon French Tips

mismtached neon crocodile long almond french tips

Multicolor Ombre Neon French Tips with Silver Sparkles on Long Almond Nails

neon ombre french tips silver sparkles almond shape nails

Double Neon French Tips in Contrasting Colors with Accent Dots 

funky colorful double neon french tip manicure accent dots

V Shape Yellow and Pink Neon French Tip on Ballerina Nails

v shape yellow pink neon french tip ballerina nail shape manicure


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