What Is the Best Hair Length for Women Over 70? Find Out with 20 Youthful Hairstyles

by Kristiyana

As a woman in her 70s, it is completely normal for you to want a hairstyle that is stylish and age-appropriate, yet can hide a few years off your age. I’m right, aren’t? I personally think that we women have to always take care of the way we look because this plays a big part in our self-confidence. Don’t you feel good when you find the perfect lipstick that matches your skin tone? Or that pretty blouse that can hide your love handles? Likewise, a gorgeous and youthful hairstyle is also necessary. But what is the best hair length for women over 70? Which haircut will make you look younger? Find out now with 20 stunning hairstyles!

What is the Best Hair Length for Women Over 70?

long pixie for mature women with glasses

The clock doesn’t stop for anyone you know. As we age, so do our bodies and numerous changes start to develop. Your skin looses its elasticity, you start to gain weight even though you haven’t changed anything about your diet, and your hair’s texture is not what it used to be. Hence, here comes the question: “What is the best hair length for women over 70?” If you want to strive to always look your best and keep your hair healthy and shiny, hair experts advise opting for shorter or medium-length haircuts. Pixie cuts and classic mid-length hairstyles are favourites for many women in their 70s. The addition of layers can make your hair look fuller than it actually is. Also, if you are planning on going gray gracefully and saying goodbye to dyeing, make sure you use a purple shampoo to neutralize the yellow pigments in your hair.

Hairstyles for women over 70 ideas 2023

youthful hairstyle for older women


Now that we’ve discussed what hair length for women over 70 would suit you best, let’s draw some inspiration from these gorgeous hairstyles! Up first, we have a youthful pixie haircut featuring some highlights to make it look even more fun. A pixie is a classic hairstyle choice for many women who want to pull off a look that makes them look younger. Think you can do it?

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Bob cut at long hair length for women over 70

best hair length for older women

What about trying a trendy long bob hairstyle paired with chic side bangs? This haircut would look especially good on salt and pepper hair. The side bangs will add further movement throughout your hair, and with the long bob they create the ideal voluminous hairstyle for a woman over 70.

Stacked pixie bob for older women with glasses

stacked pixie bob hairstyle

Looking for your ideal youthful hairstyle to fit your glasses? I think this stacked pixie bob is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a haircut that will give your hair the volume it deserves, yet it’s pretty easy to style and maintain. Just by running through your hair with wet fingers to can achieve an edgy and modern look.

Blonde chin-length bob hairstyle with layers

bob hairstyles for mature women

How to choose the perfect hair length for a woman over 70? Opt for a chic chin-length bob cut. Make sure you get the haircut with medium layers to give this bob more volume and moment. To style it, use a soft hair mousses and a medium-round brush and dry the hair towards your face. The roots should be left to look flatter.

Piece-y pixie haircut for women over 70 with glasses

pixie hairstyles for older women

Wondering how to look younger in your 70s? Why not try this stylish blonde piece-y pixie haircut? This hairstyle is quite beneficial for ladies with fine hair as it will add more texture and dimension to it. It’s easy to maintain, and when you add some blonde highlights or baby lights, your hair will look even fuller. What’s not to love about it?

Cute bob hairstyle for older women with curly hair

curly bob hairstyle for women over 70

Want to bring some life back into your curls when you are over 70? Try this cute curly bob haircut. The hairstyle will get rid of the excess weight off your hair, and will highlight the texture of your natural curls. This bob is the ideal length to lift your curls up. You can use a curling gel to enhance the beauty of your curls and keep them from looking frizzy.

Gray pixie bob cut for 70-year-old woman with glasses

pixie bob for mature women

If you want to add a touch of edginess to your look in order to feel younger, I think you will like this gray pixie bob hairstyle. Embrace your colour-changing hair with this bob cut in layers, which will add further interest and style to your hair. There is an included graduation at the area of the nape which creates a modern stacked shape.

More hairstyles for women over 70 ideas 2023

tapered layered pixie cut over 70

Long pixie haircut with bangs for thinning hair

perfect hair length for women over 70

Classic and beautiful medium hair length for women over 70

medium length haircut for women over 70

Easy to maintain very short graduated pixie haircut

graduated pixie for women past 70

Gorgeous white and gray jaw-length hairstyle for older women

beautiful hairstyles for women over 70

Rounded bob with stacked layers for more volume in your 70s

what is the best hair length for women over 70

Short razored pixie haircut for a youthful and chic look

great hair length for women in their 70s

Bob cut at long hair length for women over 70 with glasses

long bob hairstyle for 70 year old women with glasses

Snow-white short textured pixie for thin and fine hair

white pixie haircut for women over seventy

Blowout bob with concave layers for healthy hair

blonde concave bob for women 70 and over

Inverted bob cut with side part to give you more volume

side part inverted bob for older women

Cute pixie hairstyle with bangs for thin hair with glasses

pixie for women over 70 with glasses and thin hair

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