The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to DIY Beaded Curtains for Doorways!

by Radost P.

Beaded curtains can make any home look more stylish and elegant, thanks to their unique colors and patterns. Besides, many people prefer them since they keep insects away from open doors. While this type of curtains was quite popular in the past few years, now you cannot find it in every store, so you may want to learn some DIY tricks that will help you create the decor you want. Below, you will find expert tips on DIY beaded curtains for doorways! So, if you have decided to improve your home aesthetics, keep on reading.

How to Make Beaded Curtains for Doorways? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide!

diy beaded curtains for doors

There are several practical advantages of using door beads in your home. Firstly, you have the freedom to decorate and personalize a room according to your preferences. In this way, your home will turn into a place that uplifts your mood, rather than making you feel uncomfortable. Also, when the weather is hot, you can let fresh air in while maintaining privacy at the same time. So, how to make beaded curtains for doorways?

Measure the Doorway

measuring the doorway


The very first thing you have to do is to measure the length and width of the particular doorway. In this way, you will know which size the curtain needs to be. So, be extra careful while using the ruler to prevent having to repeat this step. 

Create a Drawing

Now, it is time to get creative – make a drawing of the beaded curtains that you will make in advance. This process will help you decide what kind of design you want to create by thinking about the desired colors and patterns. 

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Prepare the Dowel and String

The next step is to attach eyelet hooks onto the marks that you have put on your dowel rod. Afterward, cut the nylon strings and put about 10-inch allowance from the desired length. Categorize the beads by size and color in order to make the project easier to implement.

String Your Beads

string your beads

Now, you have to string the beads that you have prepared on the nylon. For more security, you may want to add crimping beads located under the knot. We advise you to work on one string firstly, followed by the next one. 

Hang the Dowel

Hang the completed beaded curtains onto your doorways, and install small curtain rod hooks. Now, you are ready to enjoy the new design that you created all on your own!

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 Decorating Styles

diy beaded doorway curtain

You should be aware of the fact that beaded curtains are not suitable for all home decor types. If you make a mistake, you could achieve the opposite effect of what you expected. For this reason, we give you ideas for complementary decorating styles below.

DIY Beaded Curtain Ideas – Eclectic Style

Eclectic home decor is characterized by mixing smooth and rough textures. Beaded curtains would be a great addition to this kind of interior. 


modern home decor

Modern homes generally have luxurious furniture and items, which accentuate the wealthy vibes. When making beaded curtains, ensure that they are shining, so go for metallic or glass beads.


The summer is coming, and you want to bring tropical vibes into your home? Choose bamboo, coconut shell, or wood beaded curtains – they will certainly be the perfect fit.  


bohemian style

If your home decor brings Bohemian vibes, you can add metallic or acrylic beads. Bohemian style is all about artistic and wild patterns, so you can experiment with fresh and mood-uplifting colors. 


Hipster style is all about emphasizing retro decor, while staying true to your preferences. Hang vintage or eco-friendly bamboo beaded curtains.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using Beaded Curtains?

how to make a beaded curtain for door

While beaded curtains definitely make your home look fresh and modern, there are some drawbacks of hanging them onto your doorways that you should consider. Small kids may get entangled into the strands or try to eat the beads, which is absolutely dangerous if you are not around! Also, in case you have pets, they might find those curtains fun to play with and destroy them.

In conclusion, home improvement can be a complex process that requires time and dedication from your part. Yet, making beaded curtains for doorways can be a simple and easy task with the right tools and mindset! For this purpose, we collected the best expert tips in one place. We hope that this article showed you how to handle this project successfully on your own. 

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