How to use decorative beaded curtains to add style to home interior

by Kremy

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When you think of original and creative decoration for your home or for example, of stylish and unique room dividers, even for unusual and attractive curtain valance ideas for your windows – beaded curtains will offer you the solution that you need. Without much expense you can add a charming feature in your home and you know that small details very often have a big effect.

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Faceted crystals, drop-shaped pendants, mirror circles – beaded curtain designs can be made of any of these “jewels”, and will look like a real piece of jewelry which you took out of your jewelry box. Curtains made of beads will not stop the bright rays of the sun, but will rather multiply the light. Typical for the Orient, these curtains will add an exotic flair to your home. There are many types of bead curtains and you can use them in various creative ways to add an element of interior sophistication in the design.

How to use decorative beaded curtains room dividers

The choice of a suitable model often depends on the material and shape of beads. The most common shapes are   rectangle, balls, drops, rings, diamonds and the materials could be glass, crystal, plastic, acryl, wood and even metal. Glass beads are among the most popular option as they are cost effective and refract light rays in a beautiful and fascinating way.


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Before you buy your beaded curtains you need to think about where you want to place them. Once used primarily to decorate shop windows, now they can be found everywhere – from night clubs to beautifully decorated cafes. A curtain of glass beads looks quite harmoniously in home interiors. They can be both an independent element of the interior and unique addition to curtains or tulle. Beaded curtains can be used to decorate the windows, doorways, various shelves, niches, etc. They can be used as spectacular, stylish and elegant room dividers as well.

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The beads can be in any color and before you buy your beaded curtain matching you should consider what effect you want to achieve. Turquoise, purple, blue or green color are suitable for sunny rooms. Warmer colors like yellow, orange, brown or red are suitable for shadier rooms and if you want to have a bigger visual effect, a combination of small and large drop-shaped beads, for example, will look like flowing water. Enjoy the gallery below and choose your beaded curtain!


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