How to choose the ideal elegant French door curtains for your home

by Kremy

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French doors look fantastic and offer a beautiful view of the surroundings. Usually they occupy the entire area of the wall from floor to ceiling and give the room a light and airy look. Many people will tell you that the ideal solution for French doors is the absence of curtains. However, when you are in need of privacy, then French door curtains are a necessity, especially in a bedroom.


Elegant French door curtains – how to choose the material?


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When you are faced at the task to choose the ideal French door curtains you have to take into account several factors. The first of them is what function you want them to perform. Do you need them to block excessive illumination? Do you need them as privacy protection or simply as a decoration of your beautiful French doors? Depending on the function you will choose the material for your curtains as not all materials are suitable. An airy organza will be a perfect choice but it will not block the light. Silk is another popular choice for curtains for French doors as it falls gracefully. You could opt for semi-transparent tulle, batiste, muslin, moire, lace or satin.


French door curtains design ideas


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French door curtains design ideas feature different models from simple to exclusive custom made versions. One of the easiest and most popular types of curtains for French doors are the panel ones. They are attached to the glass panes with the help of curtain rods attached above the top trim section. One pain curtains are another popular option. They could be hookless or hanged on a rod. Many people opt for two pane curtains as this provides greater flexibility when you want the curtains moved to the side. Additional ribbons, ruffles and accessories add to the elegant look of the curtains for French doors. As far as color is concerned, most often homeowners choose neutral light colors, but it will depend on the overall design of your interior. The color options are numerous and you can make your curtains a beautiful and elegant addition to the home decor.


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