Curtain Length: 5 Pretty Options. Choose the Best View to Create Space and Elegance for Your Home!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Do you find it difficult to choose the right curtain length for your windows? For some reason, people are quite confused, when the tailor asks them exactly what size they want for their curtains. And they start complaining that the design, materials and measuring in their rooms are their pain points… We’ll give you some tips to help choose the lengths of curtains that suit your home. The carefully chosen curtains could transform your space and give the desired style to windows and walls.

The standard curtain length sizes to choose from

      bedroom-curtain- length

There are different views about how long the curtains should be. For making the choice easier, they are categorized in standard curtain length sizes. These sizes are chosen with accordance to the window’s and the ceiling’s heights. The most common of them are the following curtain lengths: 63 in (160 cm), 84 in (213 cm), 96 in (244 cm), 108 in (274 cm), 120 in (305 cm) inch. Though, the length in curtain shops may vary by up to 2 in (5 cm).

Measure your windows before choosing the curtain length

It is of great importance to determine the style of the window treatment: curtain, valance, Roman shade. You also need to know what type is the mounting hardware: with outer or with inner mount. Then, measure every single window in your home. That’s the first step to be made in order to decide the ideal lengths of curtains, as well as the widths.

The higher the rod, the bigger the room will look

Lengths-for- curtains


Do not use vinyl or cloth tape when measuring windows! They may sag or stretch. Use a steel measuring ruler, because it works with precision.

If the windows already have curtain rods, it is a good idea to measure how high they are mounted. As, you may want to change the mounting height, so the curtains fit the ceiling height better. There is one visual effect that is useful to be known: the closer the rod is to the ceiling, the larger and taller the room will look! Longer curtains will add a dramatic look to the space.

Styles of curtain length and measuring

 Standard-length- for-curtains

There is a variety of different styles of curtain lengths and colors, and every one of them depends on the room type, the people living there, as well as individual taste and preferences.

Long puddled curtain length may look divine


If you want to achieve the look of puddled curtains, the easiest way is to add 6-8 in (15-20 cm) to the curtains’ length. The other way is to mount the rod lower by 6-8 in (15-20 cm). This divine style would be precious for some romantic personalities, but in most cases it is not preferable. This is not a good solution, for instance, for formal rooms. Also, in high-traffic areas, curtains get dirty in a short time.

Floor length curtains for stylish rooms


In order to achieve floor length, you should measure the exact distance from the rod to the floor. See how professional is the look of the floor length curtains! As they fall down from the ceiling, slightly “kissing” the floor. This classic, timeless style creates the feeling of space and elegance.

Just above the floor curtains

curtain-length- rules

These curtains are just an inch (2.5 cm) shorter than the floor length curtains. This means that you have to subtract with an inch (2.5 cm) the exact curtain’s measurement of the rod to the floor.

Just above the floor curtains look like floating over the floor. They are so pretty! And the greatest advantage is that you’ll be sure, these curtains won’t get dirty from the floor.

Cafe curtains


These lovely cafe curtains reach from the top of the sill to the mid-point of window. They are perfect for kitchen sinks, breakfast nooks and bathrooms. Aside from the charming view, cafe curtains create a feeling of privacy. Or their role is to prevent the sun rays from shining directly on the face.

Still length curtains


Their length is from the top of the sill to the top of the mounting rod, or a bit longer. The still length curtains are ideal for children’s rooms, dental and doctor’s offices, mainly for safety reasons. But they may also look aesthetic, if made with a beautiful pattern.

 Valance curtains


Some people may think that valance curtains are an old style from the times of our grandparents. But in the contemporary home, they may also be trendy. The valance curtains look so special and give a personality to the room. These beautiful curtains add a dimension to the place.

It is up to you whether to decorate the valance curtains with fine lace work or to choose a minimalist look. Another possibility is to add a chic vision to the valance curtains.

Swag curtains


When thinking about swag curtains, you probably recall in your mind the gorgeous curtains of Versailles Palace. You may also remember that the swag style is typical for the later French interior.

Though, the contemporary version of swag curtains, usually in solid color, shows that this style is still alive. Modern swag curtains are not as pompous as the old ones, but may add a touch of tenderness to the room.

swag-curtain-length- sizes

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