Marble Manicure 2023: Learn How to Do it Yourself and Find Amazing Design Ideas You Can Recreate This Spring!

by Anjelina

The marble manicure has been a trend in nail art for several years now and is still one of the most preferred designs. This is because it looks stylish, original and it’s very beautiful. It is preferred even by ladies who generally avoid all kinds of drawings and decorations on their nails, and prefer cleaner designs. This is because marble patterns themselves add a lot of elegance, can be created in any color and suit nails of any length. In today’s article, we will look at many marble manicure ideas and see how you can create one easily at home so that you can enjoy a stylish spring manicure in 2023!

Is it easy to do marble nails?

At first glance, the marble effect seems extremely complicated to achieve at home, but fortunately this is not true. It’s actually very easy to do a marble manicure. There are even ways to create it without special equipment or high precision, which is perfectly suitable even for beginners. You generally don’t need much experience or skill – the more casual the moves, the better.

How to do the marble effect on nails?

beautiful pink marble nail design 2023 square nails

As already mentioned, it is not hard to do a marble manicure. We’ll share with you how to achieve amazing and spectacular nail designs easily at home! All you’ll need are basic manicure tools, a few gel polishes and an LED/UV lamp. Follow the detailed instructions below, and then watch the video we’ve shared to get even more insight into the process!

  1. To start with, prepare your nails for a manicure. You can see our article on dry manicure, where it is described in detail how to take care of your nails and cuticles without soaking your hands in water.
  2. After the initial preparation, apply a base coat and dry your nails under a LED/UV lamp.
  3. Apply your chosen gel color to cover the entire nail plate and also let it dry under the lamp.
  4. Cover your nails with a second coat of the same color, but don’t dry it this time.
  5. While the polish is still wet, use a thin brush to create marble-like patterns. It’s a good idea to use a contrasting color. To achieve an even more realistic effect, you can add lighter and darker lines.
  6. Once you are done with the design, dry your nails.
  7. Finish with a top coat and apply a softening oil to protect the skin from drying out after the treatment.

Marble manicure design ideas to try in spring 2023

marble nail idea pink nude black shades 2023


2023 offers us a wide variety of marble nail designs to choose from. You can see for yourself that the color possibilities are endless and the combination with other techniques, decorations, stones and even glitter makes a marble manicure even more unique. Let’s now take a look at a few leading designs you can try to recreate this spring!

Marble French manicure

french tips and pink marble effect on nails

If you want to achieve an elegant nail design, then you should go for the classics, namely the French manicure. When you combine it with a subtle marble effect, you get an amazing mix of styles that is sure to appeal to anyone who catches a glimpse of your nails. Plus, this manicure idea is suitable for both formal events and a regular day at the office.

Soft nude shades

nude marble nails almond shaped

Shades that are close to our skin tone will always look fashionable. That’s why many manicurists also offer the marble manicure in these colors. Most often, a beige or pale pink base is chosen, on which more-light shades, including white nail polish, are applied on top to get the marble effect.

Spring marble nail design in pink

modern spring manicure idea long pink marble nails


In spring, we want to add more color to our look to harmonize with the awakening nature and the many flowers we have the opportunity to admire during the season. That’s why a pink marble manicure combined with a drawing of a rose on one of the fingers is a great idea if you want to refresh your style and enjoy a modern manicure that brings a good mood.

Trendy gothic version

gothic marble manicure idea long pointed nails dark design

Gothic style lovers can also try to recreate the marble manicure, without having to change their style. Just stick to darker shades (black looks gorgeous), shape well your long sharp nails and get ready to shine with an amazing design on your nails.

More marble manicure inspiration – Photo Gallery

marble manicure with silver glitter and nude color

Stunning white marble and metallic nail design

stunning white marble and metallic nail design

Gorgeous marble nails 

gorgeous marble nails pink gray and white nail polish

Nude and olive nails 

nude and olive marble nails gorgeous design 2023 spring

Nude and marble nail design – gradient effect

gradient effect nude and marble nail design idea 2023

Trendy nail design idea spring 2023

trendy nail design idea spring 2023 green olive white marble manicure

Black and milky white nail polish 

black and milky white nail polish marble effect gorgeous design

Turquoise and black marbled effect 

turquoise black nail polish for marble effect on nails


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