5 Trendy and Chic Ideas for Chopped Bob Haircut

by Radost P.

Changing your hairstyle from time to time is not a bad idea. In fact, taking proper care of your appearance can even give you the inspiration that you so badly need to achieve other goals in your life. In addition to this great benefit, you increase your self-esteem. Yet, we know that the possibilities for different hairstyles are almost limitless. If you’re still not sure what your next hairstyle should be, you may consider a chopped bob haircut. This is a modern and chick option that adds volume to your hair. The best thing is that choppy bob haircuts are suitable for all hair types, lengths, colors, and face shapes. If you want to learn more about why this hairstyle is so popular among women, keep on reading. We will also give you some ideas to show to your hairstylist.

Why is Chopped Up Bob Haircut So Trendy?

choppy bob haircuts for thin hair trendy haircut

Most people do not prefer to waste a lot of time every morning to style their hair, so this is how choppy bob haircuts gained popularity. They are suitable for all kinds of occasions, and really easy to style. The hair is cut in heavy layers, and not to one specific length. Since there are many variations of the chopped up bob haircut, we prepared a guide with our favorite ones.

Trendy and Chick Chopped Bob Haircut Ideas

chopped up bob haircut professional hairstyler


If you’re a woman with thick or shorter hair, a choppy bob haircut is the perfect choice for you. It is classy and modern. So, you can never go wrong with it. Besides, choppiness improves hair’s texture and can literally transform your look. This haircut adds definition and movement, and you can style it in waves, whenever you want. We know that sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide what exact change you want for your hair. So, in order to help you choose the right variation of the chopped bob haircut, here are our top favorite suggestions:

Layered Chopped Bob Haircut

trendy hairstyles for thick hair

We start with the classic one – no matter your hair color or face shape, this layered haircut will give fullness to your hair naturally. More specifically, this is a great solution if your hair tends to lack volume, or it is winter. The best thing? It is quite easy for maintenance – washing, conditioning, drying, etc. The haircut emphasizes your femininity and makes you look amazing. We highly recommend!

Choppy Bob Haircuts with Waves & Bangs

choppy bob haircuts with waves bangs

This is one of our faves. If you are a fan of the fringe, you can absolutely combine it with a chopped bob haircut. In fact, more and more women prefer a mix of two or three popular features for their haircut. To achieve beautiful waves, you can use a professional curling product and hairspray. This is a great idea for both blondes and brunettes. You’ll love the end result.

Chick Choppy Textured Bob

chick choppy textured bob


Isn’t this look amazing? In my opinion, it screams confidence. In a way, it is quite similar to the one above, but the waves are lighter. We absolutely recommend this option, in case you happen to have thick hair. To get the result you are after, it is best to trust a professional hairstylist to do the textures for you. They have the right expertise and skills to ensure that your hair looks even more amazing than before.

Beautiful Jagged Bob Haircut

beautiful jagged bob haircut for women

Here is another idea for a choppy bob with fringe – a haircut that gives off a mysterious and carefree vibe that will attract everyone to you. What we like about this style is that it is both simple and classy at the same time. Most haircuts are either way too sophisticated or basic. Besides, it makes your hair look even more fresh and beautiful. Have in mind that it works best for medium-length hair, though.

Red, Texturized Choppy Bob with Bangs

red texturized choppy bob with bangs

The red color never gets old, especially when you add bangs. This is the ultimate look for a date, if you ask us. Besides, this haircut emphasizes your eyes and brows. If you want deeper layers or just to enhance the color, you can experiment or ask your hairstylist to add highlights or lowlights. Don’t forget to take proper care of your fringe, since it can get oily easy. This is the case especially in the summer.

In a nutshell, chopped bob haircut is getting more and more attention from women of all ages. This is not a coincidence – it allows for easy styling, which means that you do not need to waste much time in keeping your hair in good condition. The haircut adds volume and movement, making your hair look amazing and attractive. We hope that you’ve got some inspiration or ideas to try out next time you visit the hair salon.


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