Spring French Manicure 2023: 17 Stunning Ideas for Your Nails

by Kristiyana

Can you feel it? The days keep getting longer, the weather is starting to feel warmer… Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, why it’s almost time for Spring 2023! And what better way to welcome the season of new beginnings than with an elegant and beautiful manicure, featuring warm colours and carefully-painted flowers! Can’t make up your mind which design you should get? Luckily for you, I have 17 mesmerizing Spring French manicure ideas that are just waiting for you to get your hands on them. Are you interested?

Spring French manicure 2023

green french manicure for spring

For many women, there is no better feeling in the world than after you have just got your nails done. Spring is the season of the new. Now is when we say goodbye to cloudy and dark weather, and welcome sunshine and bright blue skies with white clouds. Same goes for nail designs. Springtime is when you can have fun with your nails and experiment with bright pastels and hand-painted flowers. No more dark reds, blacks, and greys. Welcome, Spring French Manicure nails 2023!

What shape is best for French manicure?

When it comes to getting a French manicure, this type of design is usually suitable for all nail shapes and sizes. However, nail experts also advise that a French mani would likely look best on mid-length nails with an almond or oval shape. Or in the other case, short nails with a squoval or square shape.

Daisies French tips Spring manicure

daisy french tips for spring 2023


For Spring 2023, instead of going for the classic white French manicure, why not opt for these daisy tips instead? They are super cute and feminine, and would be a great look to enjoy in the warmer days ahead.

Cute sunset nails with clouds

french tip clouds manicure

And don’t get me started on this design! I can already picture my nails wearing these cute clouds. If you really want to put your nails in the spotlight, these are the spring nails for you.

Geometric French tips on short nails

spring french manicure designs for short nails

Trendy manicures aren’t just for longer nails, you know. In fact, shorter nail shapes have got quite popular in the last months. For Spring 2023, you can have your short nails in a pretty in pink geometric French tip design.

White Spring French manicure 2023

spring white french manicure with flower decorations


Very elegant and classy, this white French manicure can be a great everyday look for Spring, but can also be worn to a more special occasion. The flower accent on one finger makes this manicure even more stunning.

Adorable French tips hearts nails

french tip hearts nails 2023

And what about going for an adorable French tips hearts design for your ideal spring manicure? I personally adore this, as I have always loved anything heart-shaped. It’s a super simple, yet very feminine and chic design.

Lavender purple tips for Spring

purple french tip nails

If you want more spring French manicure ideas that are easy to get and maintain, opt for these lavender purple tips. This colour is a great choice for Spring, and will make your nails look pretty without over-the-top decorations.

Pastel French manicure on stiletto nails

multicolour french manicure for spring

On the other hand, for the girls who want the most flashy and extravagant spring French manicure design, get these pastel tips stiletto nails. The stiletto nail shape is not for everyone, as the pointy tip can easily break. But if you have stronger nail beds, you should be able to pull off this stunning mani.

Shades of blue tips on short nails

french tip designs for short nails 2023

Another super cute and subtle French manicure for short nails. Opt for multicoloured tips with your favourite shades of blue. An effortless and charming look to get you ready in time for Spring.

Unique glitter Spring French manicure

french manicure with glitter ideas

Okay, this is one of my favourites. I mean, I can never pull off this look, as my nail beds are very weak, and I usually prefer more subtle designs. But these long glitter French manicure nails just have it all! Dare to try them?

Pastel French tips for Spring 2023

spring french manicure with pastels

More pastel tips? You bet! Pastel colours are really trending for nails this year. They create a low-maintenance nail look, that is suitable for all nail shapes. And give you a great look for Spring!

Lilac purple & white French manicure

lavender and white design on squoval nails

For a sweet and girly French manicure, combine lilac purple and white French tips. A few daisy flower decorations here and there will complete this Spring design.

Cheerful Spring French manicure

orange french stiletto nails

If you want to smile every time you look at your nails, I would offer you to get this super cheerful spring French manicure. The combination of shades of orange, white, and flower decorations can really lift your spirits and get you excited for springtime.

Funky French tips on almond nails

funky tips nail designs

Or maybe you are looking for an even more original French manicure idea? Why not then try this funky leopard print mani for Spring 2023?! An effortless, yet eye-catching look.

Sunny and vibrant nails for Spring

spring manicure trends 2023

More sunny vibes! Spring is the season of warmth, sunshine and flowers, and I don’t think you would find a manicure that embodies that better than this one! Get the orange French tips look for your nails, and complete it with these super cute colourful flowers decorations.

Beautiful white French tips mani 2023

spring nails 2023

A classic French manicure, but with a delightful twist. If you love the timeless white French tips look, but also want to add some spring vibes to it, opt for these colourful flower petals for your nails. Adding embellishments will give your nails a unique touch.

Rainbow French coffin nails for Spring

spring french manicure on long square nail shape

And for the fans of coffin/ballerina-shaped nails, we have this glamorous rainbow French mani for Spring. Yes, these nails will require a little more work, but it will certainly be worth it.


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