What is the Most Slimming Haircut: These Hairstyles Make You Look Slimmer!

by Kremy

Do you want to know how to look slimmer with the right hairstyle? Many women want to look younger and slimmer and with the right hairstyle this is quite achievable. It is true that certain styles make us look slimmer compared to others. What is the most slimming haircut? How to choose the best one for yourself? Are short haircuts advantageous? Read on and find out the answers of all these question as well as the best hairstyles that will make you look slimmer.

How to Choose the Most Slimming Haircut?

how to choose the most slimming haircut face framing hairstyles

The first and most important step is to choose a hairstyle that fits your facial features. As you know, not every hairstyle suits every face shape. In addition, the type of hair, the texture, the styling technique and the haircut technique should be considered as they are very important for any successful haircut. Just as with clothes, the structure, length, and even color of our hair can help us create the look we want.

Short or long hair has a slimming effect? As per experts, the most slimming haircut is medium length or long. Short haircuts expose the neck and chin which is a problem for chubby faces because the attention is focused right at the problem areas. For example, a very short bob adds volume to the sides of the face which makes it look broader. Medium length and long hairstyles will help you “stretch” the lines and make your face look slimmer. Are you ready for a new hairstyle? Yes, every woman has different needs, but is you are ready to try a new look, here are the most flattering and slimming haircuts to inspire you!

Face Framing Layers

face framing layers make the face look slimmer


Face framing layers are the perfect choice for women with long or medium-length hair. This hairstyle is very flattering as it frames the contours of the cheekbones and chin line and makes the face look slimmer.

Butterfly Haircut

what is the most slimming haircut butterfly haircut

What is the most slimming haircut that will flatter your facial features? It is worth paying attention to one of the trendiest hairstyles – The butterfly. The transition between the layers is quite visible and the haircut is usually done with long bangs. Besides looking light and very feminine, the butterfly haircut will make your face slimmer.

C – Cut Hairstyle Makes You Look Slimmer

c cut hairstyle makes you look slimmer

If you have medium long or long hair pay attention to the trendy C-cut hairstyle, as this is one of the best haircuts that visually make you slimmer. The strands of different lengths curved inward toward the face gently frame the face.

Long Layered Bob

long layered bob lob hairstyle to look slimmer

When you want to balance out your face shape, a long layered bob (lob) is a great choice. This haircut always looks very well-groomed and feminine. Make sure the hair ends at least 2-3 inches below the chin. Middle parting is more flattering, it elongates the face and makes it look slimmer.

What is the Most Slimming Haircut – The Shag Haircut

slimming hairstyles shag haircut with bangs

This is a unique haircut as it allows you to easily correct facial features and even hide minor flaws. Make sure to choose the right bangs so that you achieve the slimming effect of the hairstyle. Curtain bangs are a good choice.

Asymmetrical Bob – A Great Choice If You Look For the Most Slimming Haircut

asymmetrical bob inverted bob slimming hairstyles

Asymmetry is your biggest friend when you look for the most slimming haircut. This hairstyle is shorter on the back and longer in the front. The falling strands of an inverted lob can correct your face shape and excessive roundness, especially if you part them in the middle and allow them frame your face.

Soft Waves

slimming hairstyles long hair with soft waves

Soft waves are another slimming hairstyle. A curling iron or large curlers can help you create them. Finish the look by slightly straightening your hair with your fingers – and enjoy the beautiful lines of waves framing your face.

Long Bangs

bottleneck bangs most slimming hairstyles square face

Long bangs below the chin will not only hide flaws, but also emphasize the advantages of your facial features. For example, bottleneck bangs or long curtain bangs will be able to make your face slimmer and correct its shape.

Side Swept Bangs

trendy side swept bangs slimming hairstyles

For several years, side swept bangs are one of the leading trends in the beauty industry. This type of fringe is considered very stylish and if you want to elongate your face – that’s your choice! Long, side swept bangs will gently frame your face and cheekbones and will make you look slimmer.

Deep Side Parting

what is the most slimming haircut deep side parting

Just like side swept bangs, a deep side parting makes your face look slimmer because it goes diagonally across the face.



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