The “C” cut hairstyle 2023: 10 stunning takes to inspire you about the haircut that suits everyone

by Kristiyana

Are you always looking for the next trendy hairstyle? Then, the cut that makes your hair look fuller with face-framing lengths should probably be a permanent fixture on your radar! Welcome The “C” Cut hairstyle. Like a “C”, it creates a lengthening effect—shorter in the front and longer in the back. The haircut is defined by length, movement, and fullness. Here’s everything you need to know about the C-shaped haircut before getting it yourself!

What is the “C” cut hairstyle?


The C-shaped hairstyle trend features a beautifully executed, long layered haircut that reaches about chin length and curves inward toward the face. Why is it so flattering? Because of the way it falls, the final look of the C-shaped cut accentuates the face to bring out the details of your bone structure, especially at the jawline. And it creates an overall fuller look for your hair. The layers make the hair appear thicker, more voluminous and longer. This haircut can easily be manipulated forward toward the face, and the layers can be pushed forward. The custom cuts vary for each hair type and length.

Advantages of the C-shaped haircut



Experts believe that the C-shaped haircut gives the hair a softer edge. This makes it look beautiful when blow-dried bouncy, but it’s also great if you prefer to wear your hair up. The stringy ends can be left out to soften the face. But the best thing about face-framing strands is that they are extremely versatile for all hair types, hair lengths and face shapes.

Of course, TikTokers feature C-shaped layers on many different hair types. The “C” cut on curly hair keeps volume on the sides of the face (rather than the crown), which makes for a nicer silhouette. Combined with bangs and some subtle layers at the back of the head, her curls look wonderfully defined and voluminous.


The C-shaped haircut is perfect for you if you have a lot of hair and feel like it is weighing you down. This cut removes more weight in the front area, making your hair lighter. The result is more volume when styling. Experts say that the exact style depends a lot on your face shape, facial features and preferences (which your stylist can help you with). An existing fringe that has grown out a bit is a perfect match for a C-shaped cut. This way, you can combine the bangs seamlessly with the layers.

The benefits of a C-shaped haircut are definitely more texture, according to experts, as the shorter layers provide more movement and fullness. Combined with the shorter layers in the front, it also makes the hair appear longer. With this hairstyle, you can also incorporate inner layers, basically invisible layers that are cut in under the top section of the hair. This is a nod to the shaggy hair trend.

What you should consider before getting the cut?


Some cuts aren’t for everyone—but this one is, as long as it’s done right (by a professional). This haircut is great because it’s so versatile. As long as your stylist really knows your hair and your natural texture, they can customize it perfectly. The smallest details that your professional stylist puts into this cut are crucial to the ease and beauty you want to achieve.

How to style a C-shaped hairstyle?



If you have a cut like this, styling it is pretty easy. But the face framing layers will look best if you blow dry them inward towards your face with a round brush. Alternatively, you can blow-dry outward for that iconic ’70s flick-out effect. If you have curly hair, a diffuser is the best choice. Diffuse the ends with a hair dryer to promote volume and bounce, so strands can build on each other. And on days when you just don’t feel like styling? Let it air dry. Layers are great for creating natural movement.

How to properly take care of your cut?


As with any cut, you need to think about how to take care of it properly. However, this hairstyle is ideal for women who don’t want to put in too much effort. Caring for the C-shaped haircut should be minimal as long as it is cut properly and carefully by your stylist. When at home, focus on the shine, moisture, and health of your hair. This will help make your look a real head-turner.

Experts point out that the “C” cut is definitely a hairstyle to talk to your hairstylist about. They advise against doing it at home by yourself or with the help of a friend and a pair of kitchen scissors. Layers like this grow out pretty seamlessly, but to maintain the style, you should come in every 6–8 weeks for a trim, especially if you like to style your hair with heat, which can cause split ends.



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