What is the best nail shape for over 60? Ways to make your hands look younger + best nail colors!

by Anjelina

No matter what age a woman is, self-care is important. Turning 60 in no way means that you should stop taking care of your good looks, on the contrary, you probably have more time than ever to do so. Even if you’re retired or working from home and no longer need to dress specifically for work, that doesn’t mean you should stop doing all the typically feminine things that make us feel beautiful! Looking good and feeling good are two inextricably linked concepts. That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to talk about manicures for women over 60, and in particular, answer some important questions like “What is the best nail shape for over 60?” and “What nail colors look best on older hands?”. Keep reading!

What is the best nail shape for over 60?

what is the best nail shape for over 60 rounded oval nails

With this article we aim to inspire you to take care of yourself, because by doing so you will also improve your self-esteem, and you know that it affects everyone’s mental and physical health. Your nails are a great way to express yourself and style. A nice manicure is a way to tell yourself that you are important. But before you think about nail colors and designs, you need to make choices about the shape of the nail plate.

So, what nail shape is best for older hands? It’s a good idea to stick to classic nail shapes and avoid unusual ones. For example, the typically feminine rounded shape, as well as almond and oval, are perfectly suitable for women over 60. Sharp, long and square plates will look quite unattractive on mature hands. The optimal length of the nails should be about 15-20% of the total length of the nail plate, but not more.

What is the easiest nail shape to maintain?

When we encouraged you to stick to rounded nail shapes, we didn’t point out their biggest advantage. In fact, it’s the easiest shape to achieve and maintain. At the same time, your nails will look very nice and neat. The easiest way to achieve this pleasing shape is by initially trimming your nails as a square, and then start rounding the ends with a nail-file, so that they follow your natural fingers’ curve.

How to take care of your nails and hands to keep them looking young?

gorgeous manicure idea for women over 60 gold accents


Above all else, it is important to take care of the health of your hands so that they look beautiful and younger. The most common problems elderly women face are increased brittle nails, splitting and slow growth. We’ll give you some tips to keep your nails and hands looking good and healthy!

1. Good hydration is the foundation of hand care. Even the most beautiful manicure will not look good on dry, cracked hands with torn cuticles. For this purpose, we recommend using a regenerating hand and nail cream to take care of your skin and improve the condition of your hands and nails. These creams often contain lemon oil, which will also slow down the aging process. Use the cream several times a day to soothe your skin for soft and smooth hands.
2. Regular trimming prevents nails from breaking, so don’t neglect it. Maintain a shorter nail length.
3. Use products with silicon and sulfur compounds to help strengthen, protect, restore and smooth the nail plate.
4. Periodically give your nails a break from polish, especially if they have started to break too quickly.

What nail colors look best on older hands?

how to take care of your nails and hands nude nails

We don’t recommend you to use nail polish in very bright, eye-catching colors, if you are over 60. There is a high chance that they will further accentuate age-related imperfections. Therefore, it is better to avoid glittery as well as very dark nail polishes. But now let’s see which colors would rejuvenate your hands!

Neutral shades and simple designs

stylish gradient design nail art for women over 60

Too light and dark shades will highlight any age-related changes on your hands. So choose basic, neutral shades like beige or nude. They are the perfect choice for any occasion. Hydrate your hands, take care of your cuticles and go for a nice rounded shape for your nails. Then choose a neutral nail polish. It is all your key to healthy, youthful-looking hands. Also, speaking of simplicity, we can’t help but mention the classic French manicure, which is also very suitable for older ladies as it is classic and time-tested.

Pastel, delicate shades

powder pink nail color short rounded nails

In addition to neutral colors, you can also choose pastel colors – for example, cream, soft blue, powder pink, mint and lavender. They visually rejuvenate the hands and refresh the look.

Classic red

red nails for elderly people how to take care of your hands and nails

If you still prefer brightness, it’s a good idea to go for a classic red for your nails. Keep in mind, however, that your hands should be in perfect condition, i.e. they should be as hydrated as possible, cuticle-free and the nails should be well shaped. Apart from red, you can also consider going for a modern burgundy color, which would look very elegant and feminine, especially if you pair it with some golden accents.

Nail art for women over 60 – Photo Gallery

best nail shape for over 60 short lilac nails

Classic French manicure

classic french manicure white tips of nails

Pale blue pastel nails

baby blue nails paste colors pale blue nail polish

Short almond shape nude nails

almond shaped short nails nude color what is the best nail shape for over 60

Beige and lavender nail design for women over 60

beige and lavender nails design for women over 60

Simple but trendy nail art idea 

nude nails and gold glitter manicure idea for over 60 what is the best nail shape for over 60

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