What color nail polish to use after 60? Shades and hand care for a rejuvenating effect!

by Anjelina

Fighting the signs of aging is a priority for every self-respecting woman. And if you’re 60 or older, your struggles are probably already at their peak. Anti-aging skin care for the face and neck is a must, and there’s no need to mention the coloring of gray and white hair. However, one area of the body is often neglected: the hands, which deserve special attention after a certain age. So, what care to give them to rejuvenate your skin and lift your spirits? We’ll give you all the information you need, and also answer a question that has been on the Web for the last few weeks: “What color nail polish to use after 60?” Keep reading!

How to make your hands look younger at 60? 3 tips for a top manicure!

What color nail polish to use after 60 rejuvenating hands

Before talking about nail polish colors that are appropriate after 60, it is important to first mention home nail care for mature skin. Because there is nothing better than soft and rejuvenated hands to enhance your new manicure. That is why you should never forget moisturizing – the right solution to almost every beauty problem and our first tip to remember. Since skin dries out with age, nourishing skin care is a must in the morning and at night. Several cosmetic brands offer fairly effective anti-aging creams that fight the visible signs of aging. Think of Caudalie, Clarins and Sisley among others.

When talking about good skin care, we cannot help but mention sun protection. It’s important to limit sun exposure, and stock up on sunscreen products to keep your hands looking their best. These products also prevent pigmentation spots.

Finally, the third tip is related to cuticles. In order to enjoy a manicure that rejuvenates and beautifies the hands, a 60-year-old woman should take care of her cuticles as well. The best natural product is castor oil, but argan oil is another good option.

What color nail polish to use after 60?

how to choose nail polish color after 60


Now that you have a good idea of how to take care of your hands at 60, we’ll tell you which color nail polish for mature skin will suit your fingers best. And if you think the number of shades is limited, think again. There’s something for everyone.

Neutral shades for women aged 60 and over

Which nail polish color goes well with everything? Neutral colors are the way to go, with a wide range of shades to suit all ages and all outfits, whatever the occasion. If you have a fair complexion, we recommend nude or neutral nail art. Warm caramel and taupe colors highlight darker skin tones. In addition, purple or cinnamon nail polish will accentuate the natural dark complexion of the skin.

Gray as a nail polish color for 60-year-old women

Gray has been a trendy nail polish color for a while now, and it’s far from something to avoid. On the contrary, nail art creators on the web are promoting the use of gray nail polish in particular, pointing out one of its benefits – it distracts from imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots. This brings your new trendy manicure to the forefront, rather than the signs of aging we’re all trying to cover up.

Orange-red for a rejuvenating 60-year-old manicure

What nail polish should you use at 60 to keep up with the trends and at the same time hide the signs of aging on your hands? Our last suggestion is actually our favorite: the orange-red color. Gray or neutral nails are trendy, but how about a colorful manicure to set the mood? Warm, bright and trendy, this striking shade suits all skin tones and you won’t regret your choice.


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