Trendy nail polish color for 70-year-old women: How to rejuvenate your hands? Exquisite ideas!

by Anjelina

What nail color rejuvenates the hands and makes them look stylish? We’ll show you the hottest nail trends for older women and give you some tips on how to wear them! If you’ve heard somewhere that there are rules to avoid dark colors… No, just no. You can wear dark colors at any age if it makes you feel fabulous, and we’re going to tell you exactly which ones will flatter your skin tone and your hands. Are you ready? In that case, let’s find out together which trendy nail polish color for 70-year-old women will look best on you!

Which nail polish color for 70-year-old women will regain your self-confidence?

nail polish color for 70-year-old women red

Do you like light colors? Glittery nail polish? Or do you prefer dark nail polishes? Either way, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of these shades. Wearing nail polish is so much fun and the fact that after a certain age, there is this ridiculous rule about avoiding some certain shades, which totally limits your self-expression… It’s insane! We’re here to put an end to all of this and give you the confidence to be your most fabulous self at any age.

dark green short rounded nails leaf drawing


Trendy nail polish color for women in their 70s: Ideas

Yes, some colors make your skin look older and others make it glow. First, you need to determine your undertone, which is useful not only for nail polishes, but also for clothes, makeup and hair color. Depending on your undertone, certain shades make you look fresh and pretty and accentuate your good sides. When a color clashes with your undertone, even if it’s a pretty color, it won’t look good on you. So, how do you determine your skin tone? The quickest way is to look at the vein on your wrist. If it is more green than blue, you have a warm undertone and if it is more purplish, you have a cool undertone. If it is blue, you have a neutral undertone. You can find out which colors suit you best in the dedicated article. Okay, now let’s see which nail polish colors will absolutely delight your hands and make them look younger!

Nail color trend for 70-year-old women: Dark

dark green nails for 70-year-old women

Dark green nails are really flattering. They go great with neutral and cool shades and really make the skin glow.

burgundy maroon color medium length nails

Dark red nail color is a classic and very appropriate for Christmas. For those with warmer undertones, try a brighter color that will flatter your complexion more.

nail polish idea dark brown

The brown color is fairly neutral and can suit all skin tones. However, cooler skin tones may benefit more.

what nail polish color for 70-year-old women glitter

If you don’t like monochromatic nails, try different patterns and mix colors. For example, dark blue goes beautifully with gold.

Nail polish for wrinkled hands: Light colors

pastel blue nail polish for 70-year-old women

While darker nail polish colors draw attention to the nail only and not the fingers, lighter nail polish colors blend with the skin. Think of it as dressing up your hand. What would you like it to look like? A snowy ice queen look with a hint of elegance and purity?

nude nail polish short rounded nails women over 70

A natural pastel color that looks absolutely gorgeous?

classic french manicure short nails white tips

The classic French manicure that is suitable for all occasions – from casual to formal?

reversed nail manicure idea colorful

Or the fun reverse nail manicure? It all depends on your preferences after all! So, which trendy nail polish color for 70-year-old women did you prefer? But wait, we’re not done yet! Let’s talk about shades that are actually very unattractive on the hands.

Color that ages the hands

varnish not suitable for older ladies pale blue

Have you noticed that many older women tend to wear pearl nail polish? Well, it’s by far the most unfashionable and unflattering shade a mature woman can wear. Why? When the color is very light, it draws attention to the hands and not in a good way. It accentuates wrinkles and fine lines and ages your hand by five to ten years. What to wear instead? A regular nail polish, a glitter nail polish and even a matte nail polish will all look better than the pearl color.

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