Slimming Haircuts for Chubby Faces: Find The Best Suggestions and Styling Options for 2023!

by Anjelina

People are different and it is normal that not everyone has a thin face and beautifully prominent cheekbones. Come to think of it, most people actually have rounder and pudgier faces. The good news is that this is not a cause for concern because there are many ways in which we can visually elongate and correct facial features. In today’s article, we have decided to share with you which are the slimming haircuts for chubby faces that are definitely worth considering if you are planning to visit your hairdresser soon. Let’s get started!

Slimming Haircuts for Chubby Faces: Best Ideas You Should Try

slimming haircuts for chubby faces high ponytail blonde balayage

As mentioned before, fortunately, there are many hairstyles and haircuts that can help visually improve chubby faces. To get this effect, hairdressers usually create more volume at the top of the head and look for solutions to visually reduce the width of the face. Let us now give you some great suggestions for slimming haircuts and styles for chubby faces you should definitely consider giving a try.

Blunt Bob

blunt bob haircut for chubby faces voluminous wavy hair


We start with a classic haircut that goes on any face shape. We are talking about the blunt bob, which is trendy, stylish and definitely worth every woman to try it at least once in her life. It’s such a refreshing hairstyle that has the ability to rejuvenate and make your best facial features stand out. If you opt for it, a good idea would be to slightly curl your hair to create even more volume for more balance to the look.

Slimming Long Haircuts for Chubby Faces: Long Shag Haircut

long shag haircut with curtain bangs for chubby faces

Long hair is definitely a winning choice if you have a chubby face. The length and volume can compensate for the width of the face and help visually elongate it. The shag haircut is a good option with which you’ll be able to maximize the results, as layers have the ability to bring in a lot of volume (especially at the top of the head), which is key to the harmonious look you’re aiming for. Consider adding bangs, which will conceal your forehead and so visually make your face look even smaller.

Medium-Length Hair with Beach Waves

medium length hair beach waves blond balayage

Medium-length hair has so many benefits – it’s easier to maintain than long hair, and you don’t have to part with a lot of it (like you do with short haircuts). For ladies with chubby round faces, we recommend keeping this length and you can choose to go for a straight cut or add layers. In both cases, you should definitely consider styling your hair in beautiful beach waves that will add so much volume and freshness to your look. You can use a curling iron or simply spray your hair with a solution of water and salt and enjoy a great beach hairstyle as if you have just stepped out of the sea.

Slimming Short Haircuts for Chubby Faces: Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

cute asymmetrical pixie cut with side bangs

If you love short hairstyles, you have no reason to avoid them when you have a chubby face. The pixie cut, for example, which is a very bold and stylish solution for ladies, can also look extremely good on a round and plump face. The trick is to add long side bangs, which will create an interesting asymmetry. It will in turn draw the attention away from your cheekbones and cheeks and concentrate it more towards your eyes.

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Wavy Lob Hairstyle with Highlights

trendy lob hairstyle pastel pink highlights wavy hair

The elongated bob or also known as the lob hairstyle is another great option for women with chubby faces. It gives you more styling and shaping options than the short bob variations, yet it still retains the advantage of being low maintenance. Add beautiful waves to create great volume and achieve a romantic and feminine look. They will visually reduce your face and soften its features. You can also think about adding some beautiful highlights to brighten up your appearance even more, as some of the trendiest colors this season are pastels like pink and purple. But if these aren’t your thing, you can always go for the classics, which include shades that are a few tones lighter than your main hair color.

Slimming Hairstyle Idea: High Ponytail

high ponytail hairstyle elongating the face

To visually elongate the oval and chubby face, you can apply the high ponytail trick. As unbelievable as it may seem at first glance, this hairstyle is actually capable of achieving exactly what you are aiming for – to visually elongate your face and make it appear slimmer. Don’t hide your cheeks, but instead show as much of your face as possible.

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