How to slim down your face? 2 outrageously effective techniques + video tutorial

by Kremy

When we start a weight loss journey, we all expect to see results quickly. And when we don’t notice any difference after a while, we get worried. But there are many reasons why you lose weight slower than others and they are not all bad! How to slim down your face? In general, having fat on your cheeks makes you look younger and makes you look childish. It’s actually very flattering to a lot of people and a real privilege. However, if you want your cheekbones to look their best and if you don’t want to have a double chin, then you need to keep reading! Here is how to slim down your face naturally and why you should not have a bichectomy!

How to slim down your face techniques

How to slim down your face?

Is there a good exercise to lose weight on the face? How to lose weight in the face very quickly without having surgery? Effective methods exist and we will discuss them in detail! In general, losing weight requires patience, because the slow process is actually best for all of us! Still, if you’ve lost your dream weight or just want your face to look slimmer, there’s a way to “fix it.” There are several reasons why you have fat on your face:

  • Your diet lacks nutrients.
  • You drink a lot of alcohol, which causes swelling.
  • Lack of hydration. It is essential to drink at least 2L of water a day!
  • You may be suffering from hypothyroidism. (This is a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive and therefore produces less than the required amount of hormones.)

Now that you have a general idea of what makes your cheeks look fat or puffy and your double chin a BIG BOY, read how to get rid of that extra “fat”!

How to lose your double chin with “mewing”? Video tutorial

How to lose your double chin


In the last few years, a natural but revolutionary technique has appeared to obtain a sculpted jawline without a double chin! Have you heard of it? It’s called “mewing” and it’s very easy to do! All you have to do (every day) is push your tongue up to your palate with your mouth closed. You have to press hard and repeat this several times a day until you start seeing results. If you want to know how to do it and get results, I highly recommend watching this YouTube video. It explains how to meow and transform your face in no time in order to be the best version of yourself!

Gua Sha or facial massage: How to slim down your face?

how to sculpt your face

How to do a facial massage? Why is my face puffy and oily? Well, you might be surprised, because sometimes it’s not the extra weight! What you need to do to get a slimmer face is lymphatic drainage! This removes the extra fluids stuck in your face and soothes it in some way. However, those bags will not disappear by doing this once! You need to be consistent and do a facial with your hands or gua sha massage every day! These special massages are very easy to de and work effectively. After practicing them, you will feel much lighter and less bloated and your face will look slimmer in no time. Do you want to discover this technique? Here is a tutorial:

Facial massage tutorial with fingers (self-massage to rejuvenate):

Gua sha massage tutorial (face slimming):

Why you should not have a bichectomy (buccal fat removal)?

what is bichectomy why you should avoid it

Finally, I had to talk about the new trend among celebrities. The procedure that many of them have used to look slimmer and have great cheekbones is called buccal fat removal. Yet here’s why you shouldn’t even consider it! Since this is a fairly new technique, there hasn’t been much research on how to fix the problem. You may be wondering what problem am I talking about? In general, very few people are eligible for buccal fat removal surgery. If your cheeks are a bit chubby and not full of fat and gigantic, then you don’t need it. Buccal fat removal is very difficult to reverse, because with aging we lose facial fat. Removing it from your cheeks will make you age faster and look much older than you actually are. Do not be tempted by irreversible surgeries, but try natural methods and love yourself as you are. Because in the end of the day… We are all unique and fabulous in our own way! The DeaVita team wishes you a great week!


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