3 Simple Ways to Make A Fabulous DIY Corsage For Prom That Will Make You Stand Out In The Crowd

by Stephanie Yankova

The anticipation both parents and students feel before Prom Day is completely unparalleled! Once you’ve picked out your dress or suit, you’ve gotten your hair, nails and make-up done, there’s only one thing left! Your most important piece of accessory for the night – the corsage. It can be such a hassle trying to find the right one that’s neither too big, nor too small, and also suits every detail of your outfit perfectly! For someone like me who always tries to get everything right down to the tiniest detail visible to absolutely no one but myself, I find this task incredibly stressful. Imagine having to scout every local floral shop in hopes to find that perfect little accessory to tie your whole look for the night together – it’s a bit overwhelming. And on top of all the other expenses, it can seem like a trivial splurge. We understand the pressure, and we’re here to help! Here are some simple DIY ideas for how to make a beautiful wrist corsage for prom in just a few easy steps!

Wristlet Corsage For Prom – What Are The 2023 Trends?

diy corsage prom colorful faux flowers wristlet

Seasons come and go, and so trends! Yes, even in corsages! The biggest lifestyle theme for 2023 is to be your boldest, proudest, and truest version of yourself. Vibrant colors, extravagant combinations, rhinestones, pearls – anything goes, as long as it’s unapologetically you! If you’re someone who prefers earth tones and pastel hues – that’s completely fine, too! Simple, elegant and monochromatic looks are also in this year! We understand that everyone is different and unique, so here are some tips and DIY ideas for your perfect corsage for prom – from you to you!

Glam Pearl DIY Corsage For Prom

pearl bracelet faux flower glam corsage alternative design


If you’re more unconventional and want to opt for a corsage that looks more like a stunning DIY bracelet rather than a bouquet tied to your wrist, we’re all here for it! Pearls continue to be incredibly trendy in 2023, so this is your perfect chance to make the most of it. The only supplies you’re going to need for this DIY corsage is a relatively thick pearl bracelet (minimum of 4 rows for better support), PVA or hot glue and faux flower(s) of choice. Put the glue on one side of the bracelet, carefully place the flower on top, and apply some pressure to make sure they’re well stuck together. Wait for the glue to dry, and voilà!  Your pearl wrist corsage is done!

How To Make A Corsage For Prom With Real Flowers

Nothing beats a classic corsage made of fresh flowers, especially if you’ve made it yourself! I know it may seem intimidating at first, but there’s nothing scary, nor difficult in the process of creating this wrist corsage! However, you will need to prepare some supplies. In order to make the corsage shown in the video above, you’ll need floral wire, floral tape, small sharp scissors, thin string or ribbon, a decorative ribbon that will be wrapped around your wrist, and flowers of your choice. For your statement flower, Orchids, Anturiums, and Calla Lilies are especially popular this year. For greenery, you can use ivy, eucalyptus, or rosemary. Great options for filler flowers are lavender, gypsophila, and stephanotis.

Elegant Faux Flower DIY Corsage For Prom

diy prom corsage simple green ribbon faux flowers

Credits: marthastewart.com

You don’t need lots of flowers, foliage, or an intricate design in order to make a fabulous and elegant wrist corsage. For this design you’re going to need 18-gauge floral stem wire, which has a thickness of approximately 1.1 mm, 1/2 inches (1.27 cm) of floral tape, thick ribbon of choice to wrap around your wrist, sharp scissors or wire cutters, a few lemon leaves, and a centerpiece flower – gardenia, orchid, garden rose, or whichever one is your favorite. First off, you need to make a mechanism that’s going to hold the ribbon and the flower together. Take one stem wire and carefully wrap it in floral tape. Once you’ve done that, you need to bend the wire in a pretzel-like shape – there should be two loops and two loose ends in between them, which you need to cut at about 2 inches (5 cm). Measure the thick ribbon, it should be long enough to wrap around your wrist and make a nice big bow. After that, take the ribbon and put it through the loops of the wire. Cut the stem of your flower to about 2 inches, and then put through the stem a piece of 4 inch-long wire (10 cm). Bend the wire in half so that there are two equal pieces on both sides of the stem with equal length, and then tape them together. Add the lemon leaves around the flower bud with some tape. Put the flower on top of the mechanism and tape them together. Once you’ve done all that, your corsage is ready to be tied around your wrist and shown to the world.

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