Prom dress trends 2023: Find inspiration on how to look stunning on your prom night!

by Gabby

Is there anything more exciting in our teenage years than prom? I remember mine like it was yesterday and how much anticipation I had. Well, not all were fulfilled, but that didn’t stop me from having one of the best nights of my life. I also remember how long I chose my dress to make sure it would be memorable and make me feel like a real princess. I know it’s early to talk about prom, but time flies, and you need to be prepared early. What are the prom dress trends 2023? How to look stunning at your prom?

Prom dress trends 2023: How to make sure we look stunning at prom?

prom dresses trends 2023 sparkle gray gown with sequins ideas

If you dream of a magical prom night, you also dream of a made-to-measure dress! But which model to choose to sublimate the thin waist and the strong chest, or the hourglass morphology? Long or short? A-line or skater cut? Plunging neckline, wrap-over or maybe bustier? In fact, it all depends on your own desires! If you want to wear a long gown, and something very sparkly, do your thing! What are the current trends, however? What can we wear in 2023 for our prom night? Let’s find out today!

Prom dress with flowers

floral gown prom dress 2023 what to wear ideas


Floral dresses are usually not what we opt for to wear on our prom, however this year this might change. One of the trends in 2023 for spring will definitely be the floral motives especially on dresses. A long gown like this will certainly make you feel girly and feminine. It will not be overpowering and it will suit your age. Most girls love to dress on their prom nights with gowns that make them look older. You will absolutely avoid that, if you choose something similar!

Georgia Miller wedding dress

georgia miller wedding dress netflix series 2023 season 2

We all know that Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia became a huge hit in this January. Not only because the series were so amazing, but I give to the fact that Georgia Miller one of the main character finally got her Cinderella moment with this dress. The dress was made by the Canadian designer Ines Di Santo and gained a lot of popularity, because, well it is gorgeous! If you want to have the same Cinderella effect on your prom, you can choose something similar to that. It is certainly bold, since the gown is huge, and you will not stay unnoticed. But I think we all deserve to have that “princess moment”!

Rhinestones and sequins

prom gown rhinestones sequins trendy ideas for 2023

It’s the roaring 20s comeback. It would be hard to imagine, but given the elements chosen, it’s no surprise that they’re back on top. Sequins for lots of sparkle, rhinestones and fringe! The triumph towards femininity in sync with the longing for lavish parties that we missed so much during the pandemic period. The hot trend deserves due attention, and you have every right to enjoy it, especially on the threshold of the new stage of the adult world and days filled with multiple obligations.

Prom dress trends 2023: Wear something with a corset!

pink blush prom dress gown with a corset ideal for 2023 trends

The representation of female power has to be a dress with a corset. Today, comfort from too-tight fitting has been replaced by practicality, but the corset’s function of giving the body an extraordinary line is still present. Fashion designers have offered their modern interpretations of historical costumes because of its ability to elongate the waist and add grace. And the effects are distinctive: the wide-sweeping, downward slanting feminine clothing is made to make you the center of attention, letting you dance freely and take advantage of the most elegant silhouette.

Long prom dress with a deep slit

long prom gown with a deep slit rhinestone pink cute 2023 ideas

Now comes the biggest hit among prom dresses! You will be one of the event’s most beautiful representatives if you wear a floor-length dress with a deep slit, a naked back, or delicate straps crossed at the back. Additional color freedom is also acceptable. Among the preferred trends of renowned design houses around the world are silvery, emerald, navy blue, and warm orange tones. In addition to the vivid red that rules the catwalks, black is a constant favorite. Ladies with light hair have the best weapon in the face of the black dress. They can also focus on blue, green, beige and white. For those with slightly darker hair, in the auburn range, bright colors are especially desirable. It could be red or orange, also yellow or green.

Other prom dress trends 2023

short prom dress with feathers and rhinestones chic fashion feminine

Black prom dress with a corset 

black prom dress with a corset stunning ideas 2023

Hot pink prom dress 2023 

hot pink prom dress with ruffles idea on how to dress in 2023

Black silk prom dress 

black slik prom dress very trendy fashion ideas

Backless prom dress 2023 

backless prom dress long gown fashion ideas 2023

Prom dress with feathers 

prom dress with feathers and silver rhinestones sparkly glitter shiny 2023

Blue Cinderella prom dress 

blue Cinderella prom dress ideas for fashion 2023

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