DIY Bracelet Ideas – 4 easy craft projects with instructions and photos

by Kremy

DIY bracelet ideas jewelry crafts with buttons beads ribbons

Handmade jewelry is unique and always very individual. Anyone who likes to enrich their jewelry box can make a piece of jewelry in accordance with their own ideas and needs. To make handmade jewelry you need a little imagination, patience and a concrete DIY idea. In today’s post we would like to present DIY bracelet ideas. You can follow the steps and make a beautiful bracelet for your own jewelry collection or as a lovingly made Christmas gift.

DIY Bracelet Ideas – colorful ribbons and beads

DIY bracelet ideas horseshoe beads and ribbons


Our first proposal for DIY Bracelet Ideas is suitable for all ladies who value cool, colorful combinations and like to wear extraordinary, but feminine jewelry.

DIY bracelet ideas horseshoe beads and ribbons materials

Materials needed:

Ribbons (different colours, each 16 cm long)

Beads (with large holes)

Copper Wire

Clasp (lobster claw)

Jump Ring

Bead Caps


Jewelry Pliers

DIY bracelet ideas horseshoe beads and ribbons tutorial


 First take the colorful ribbons and gather them in a bundle. The number of ribbons may vary depending on the desired thickness of the bracelet. Then thread the beads. Wrap one end of the bracelet tightly with a piece of copper wire. Put on the bead caps. Finally attach the closure. Remove excess ribbons.

 DIY Bracelet Ideas with bead chips


To make a different type of bracelets, you can use memory wire. With different beads or pendants you can create beautiful and elegant bracelets. We used bead chips in turquoise and white.

DIY bracelet bead chips decorations copper wire materials

Materials needed:

 Memory Wire

Copper Wire

Bead Chips

Wire Cutters

DIY bracelet bead chips decorations copper wire tutorial


Cut off 5 suitably sized pieces from the copper wire and wrap it around the memory wire a few times. Then thread a bead and wrap the wire a few more times. Repeat the same process by changing the color of the wire and beads. Finally, tie the wire ends together.

How to make a nice bracelet with buttons

DIY waxed cotton thread and buttons bracelets ideas

If you want to make a cute and colorful bracelet, you do not necessarily have to go to the craft store. Various everyday items can be used for making of arm jewelry. For our next crafting idea, for example, you need some colorful buttons.

DIY waxed cotton thread and buttons bracelets ideas materials

Materials needed:

 Buttons (4 holes)

Waxed Cotton Cord

Cord Ends

Clasp (lobster claw)

Jump Rings


Jewelry Pliers

DIY waxed cotton thread and buttons bracelets ideas tutorial

DIY bracelets ideas cotton thread and buttons step by step instructions


Measure your wrist and add another 6-8 centimeters. Cut off the waxed cotton cord. Then thread the buttons one after the other, creating a nice color pattern. Thread the string vertically through the first two holes of the button as shown in the picture and then through the other two. Repeat this process with the other buttons as well. Then attach the cord ends as well as the lock ring and the lobster claw clasp.

DIY Braided Bead Bracelet

DIY bracelets mini beads and waxed cotton

Our last suggestion is for a great braided bracelet with tiny beads and a button closure.

DIY bracelets mini beads and waxed cotton materials

Materials needed:

Cotton Waxed Cord – 114 cm

Beads (small) – 60

Button (small; 2 holes)



DIY braided bracelet mini beads and waxed cotton thread tutorial


Cut a 66 cm long and one 48 cm long piece from the waxed cotton cord. Fold the longer piece through the middle. One end of the shorter cord is placed next to the longer one and held between the fingers. Now wrap the single twine twice to make a loop of about 1 cm. Tie the cord. Weave the strands into a braid. After every 1-2 cm, thread one bead and continue braiding. Finally thread a button.


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