DIY Christmas projects for kids – how to make ornaments from pasta

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DIY Christmas projects for kids include numerous craft ideas – paper crafts, pine cones crafts, button crafts, etc. We will show you some fantastic and original ideas with pasta. Italian Pasta is not only a delicious dish but also an excellent material for creating all kinds of home decorations for Christmas. Dried pasta is available in various forms and children of all ages can make interesting ornaments.

DIY Christmas projects for kids – how to make a tree from pasta

DIY pasta christmas tree fun crafts ideas for children

One of the simplest and easiest DIY Christmas projects for kids is to make a tree from dried pasta. You can choose penne, bow tie or other types of pasta and follow these simple instructions:

What you will need:

  • cardboard
  • a glass bottle
  • hot glue gun
  • spray paint (green, gold or silver)
  • pasta
  • beads, sequins or any other decorations of your choice


  • Cut a semicircle out of cardboard, roll it into a cone and fix with glue.
  • Place the cone on a bottle and start gluing pasta in a row at the bottom. Proceed to the second row placing pasta so that it y covers the gaps in the first row.
  • Continue to the very top so that the cone was completely covered.
  • When the glue is set, spray paint your pasta Christmas tree, and then glue beads or other decorations.

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DIY Christmas projects for kids – easy pasta tree ornaments

kids crafts and activities pasta christmas ornaments ideas


What you will need:

  • Dried pasta
  • Acrylic paint in green, red and gold
  • White glue
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon for hanging

DIY Christmas projects for kids how to make pasta tree ornaments

Directions for making pasta candy cane:

  • Cut a piece of cardboard in a candy cane shape.
  • Add white glue to the cardboard and attach medium pasta shells. Let dry completely.
  • Paint the candy cane in red and white and let until paint is dry.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and attach it to the back of the ornament with white glue.

How to make pasta Christmas wreath ornament:

kids craft ideas fun Christmas activities pasta wreath

  • Trace and cut a circle from cardboard.
  • Place one bow tie pasta piece near the outer edge and draw a circle inside.

DIY Christmas projects for kids how to make pasta wreath

  • Cut out the center and discard.
  • Add glue and attach pasta on the top and let it dry.
  • Use green paint to paint the pasta. When the green paint is dry, draw berries on the wreath with a small paintbrush and let dry.
  • Make a bow with some ribbon and attach it to the wreath with glue.

How to make Christmas poinsettia ornament from pasta:

DIY Christmas projects for kids how to make pasta ornaments poinsettia

  • Cut out a circle from the cardboard. Apply white glue and attach 6 medium shells, leaving the center open. Add glue to the center and sprinkle in orzo pasta. Let dry.
  • Paint the flower in red paint and the center in gold. Let dry and attach a ribbon.

How to make Christmas angels from pasta

DIY christmas ornaments ideas kids crafts

You will need:

  • Small wooden beads for heads
  • Rigatoni pasta (or other large tubular variety) for the body
  • Ruote pasta for the collar
  • Ditalini (or other small tubular variety), for hair
  • Campanelle or cellentani, for hands
  • Farfalle, for wings
  • Stelline, for decoration
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint – white, gold or silver
  • String or thin ribbon

super cool crafts for kids pasta angel christmas ornaments ideas


  • Glue the wheel (ruote) to the tube and the wooden bead to the center of the wheel.
  • Glue the farfalle which will be the wings of the angel.
  • Glue the hands to the sides under the collar.
  • Glue ditalini pasta as hair on the wooden bead
  • Decorate the angel with stelline.
  • Paint the angels in white, gold or silver with spray paint and let dry.
  • Use a thin marker and draw eyes and mouth on the angel’s faces.
  • Add strings for hanging.

pasta christmas ornaments DIY projects for kids

DIY-christmas-projects-crafts-for-kids-ornaments-and-decorations-ideasDIY christmas projects crafts for kids ornaments and decorations ideas

kids crafts Christmas ideas pasta garland

kids Christmas craft ideas with pasta DIY greeting card

easy and fun DIY Christmas pasta ornaments

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