DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas and practical tips

by Kremy

living room christmas decrating ideas tree in a bucket

Have you already got your Christmas tree? How to choose a stand? Here are some brilliant DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas for you! When it comes to decorations there are no compromises and if you want every detail of your festive decor to harmoniously complement your interior you need to pay attention to stand. Yes, everyone usually forgets about it but it is a part of the overall festive look so let’s look at different options.

DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas – pros and cons of metal stands

Farmhouse style galvanized buckets christmas decorating ideas


Among of the most important criteria when choosing a stand for the Christmas tree are the height and weight. For massive trees with a wide crown, you must choose a reliable wide stand. The larger the diameter of the stand the better the stability, so you need a stand with an additional support. Nowadays the market offers quite many stand options. However, in just an afternoon you can make one on your own. Many people prefer plastic stands and decorative skirts but those who chose to have a live Christmas tree need a more reliable option.

Why DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas are getting so popular? On the first place, because they look good and another great advantage is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Plastic varieties look like a bucket and have legs attached. Thanks to a small water container inside the life of your pine or spruce can be prolonged. However, it is necessary to take into account that plastic is a rather fragile material, therefore it is not suitable for large trees. Metal Christmas tree stand buckets are the same but more sturdy and stable. This is the best solution if you wanted to place a tree by the fireplace on the hearth.

DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas tutorial

DIY Christmas tree stand bucket ideas and tutorial

What you will need:

  • A galvanized metal bucket
  • A power drill
  • 4 clothesline hooks
  • marble rock or garden gravel
  • round plastic food container

DIY Christmas tree stand bucket tutorial


Measuring ½-inch (1 cm) below the top rim of the bucket and make marks where you will drill holes. Drill holes into the bucket over each mark.

Fill the bottom of the bucket with gravel for weight and support.

Place the plastic container on top of the gravel and add more gravel around it to secure it in place.

Remove one of the provided nuts from each clothesline hook. Screw each clothesline hook through the pre-drilled holes until they reach the nut. Reattach the remaining nut and to tighten against the bucket.

Place your DIY Christmas tree stand bucket in the area where you want it. Place the tree inside it and tighten each hook to support the weight and balance of the tree by screwing them directly against the base of the tree trunk. Add water to the tank and you are ready to decorate!

DIY Christmas tree stand bucket table decorating ideas


You can use the same technique for small-sized stands and place them on the front stairs or arrange them on the interior staircase, use them for small tabletop Christmas trees or for beautiful compositions. Get inspired by the gallery of ideas below!

white galvanized bucket christmas tree stand ideas

simple DIY christmas bedroom decor ideas firewood tree in abucket

quick DIY Christmas tree stand ideas bucket

primitive christmas decor ideas tree in galvanized bucket

last minute diy christmas decorating ideas tree in a bucket

creative christmas decor ideas staircase trees bucket jugs

christmas tree decorating ideas bucket stand

Christmas tree bucket stand ideas vintage look


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