Easy and fun DIY Christmas kid crafts and activities for the holidays

by Kremy

Kids love crafts and are always keen on making something but sometimes parents run out of ideas. We have selected some easy and fun DIY Christmas kid crafts which can be great holiday activities for the children during the festive season.

easy and fun Christmas crafts for kids DIY gift ideas

You know that holidays are special time for children and Christmas is the biggest of all holidays. Let the kids take part in making magical Christmas decorations that will not only help creating a festive atmosphere in the home, but will also allow your children show their creative abilities with your help.

DIY Christmas kid crafts with simple materials



Both adults and children are waiting for the holidays and while the first ones are busy with work, shopping, the list of guests, lists of gifts, etc., the little ones can be engaged in interesting activities appropriate for their age. It is a fact that toddlers in kindergartens and older children in school age have a great enthusiasm for crafting various items and when it comes to Christmas decoration, it is important that children are involved, feel engaged and take an active part in the preparation for the holiday. It is best if you select DIY Christmas kid crafts that are easy and fun, so that the children do not get bored by tedious projects and enjoy the creative atmosphere together with their parents.

button christmas crafts for kids decorating ideas paper tree

Depending on the age of the child parents can choose different materials. However, do not forget that they should be safe. Hot glue guns are not suitable for small children. Paper glue is a better choice. What materials can be used for crafting Christmas decoration? The answer is quite simple – there is a long list of safe materials and we shall list just a few of them. Paper, buttons, pine cones and fir twigs, dry branches, nuts, felt, ribbons and other textile, yarn, twine, straws, plastic bottles, cinnamon sticks, star anise, dried fruits, playdough, salt dough, clay, beads, sequins, glitter, the list goes on and on!

DIY Christmas kid crafts ideas and tutorials


Paper crafts for kids feature thousands of ideas and paper and glue are the safest materials. Of course, small children may need some help with cutting the paper elements, but surely any parent or older siblings will gladly help. Find below fantastic DIY Christmas kid crafts ideas and tutorials with paper, buttons, pine cones and other simple materials.

Quick and easy DIY Paper Santa Claus

DIY Christmas kid crafts ideas paper Santa Claus

What you need:

    • a sheet of red paper
    • a sheet of white paper
    • scissors
    • pens
    • glue stick
  • a bead for the top of the cap

how to make paper santa claus easy kids crafts for christmas


    • Shape the red sheet of paper into a cone and cut the base.
    • Draw a beard on the white sheet of paper and cut it out.
    • Cut a hole and insert the red cone.
  • Draw a face and glue the bead on top of the hat.

DIY holiday kid crafts ideas – how to make a Christmas tree

playdough christmas tree festive decoration and activities

You will need a large piece of playdough, a pencil and scissors. Shape the playdough into a cone and stick in the pencil. Use the scissors to cut the needles.

DIY Christmas decoration ideas kid crafts fun activities tree ornaments ideas

Another quick and easy idea is to use green paper. Shape it into a cone and cut the base. Cut out ornaments from colorful paper and decorate the trees.

DIY christmas ornaments kids crafts ideas

One more easy DIY Christmas tree is to use paper straws. You can use these as ornaments or as a decoration on greeting cards. You will need cardstock, ribbon, paper straws, hot glue, scissors and star punch. Cut the straws so that they shape a triangle and glue them to the cardstock. Add a star at the top and a piece of ribbon, if you want to use them as tree ornaments.

DIY holiday kid crafts ideas with pinecones

how to make pine cone Christmas tree ornaments

To make these super easy ornaments from pine cones you will need:

    • Pinecones
    • Tiny pom poms
    • String or ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Christmas kid crafts pinecone pom pom ornaments


  • Add hot glue to the underside of the pinecone and stick a pom-pom onto the dab of glue. Repeat for all the pinecone tips. Take a piece of string or ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the pinecone.

Cute DIY pinecone Christmas trees

DIY pinecone Christmas trees Easy crafts for kids

You will need:

    • Pine cones
    • Green spray paint
    • Glitter
    • Plaster
    • Craft glue
  • Colorful beads

DIY Christmas tree from pinecones kids holiday activities


    • Paint the pinecones with the spray paint and sprinkle with glitter. Let them dry completely.
    • Mix plaster with water and make small bases. Stick the base of the pinecones into the plaster. Let plaster dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Glue beads and ornaments to the pinecone Christmas trees.

Christmas button craft ideas how to make snowman

DIY holiday kid crafts ideas with buttons – Children would love button crafts because they are so much fun! They can make anything with buttons – Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen, ornaments, stars, etc. Colorful buttons can be combined with paper, ribbons, dry branches, fir twigs, they can be glued on Christmas baubles. There is no limit to imagination!

DIY Popsicle sticks snowman hat

super cool craft ideas for kids DIY snowman hat ornament

What you will need:

    • 5 Miniature craft sticks
    • 2 Standard craft sticks
    • 3 Red buttons
    • Green felt
    • Pinking shears
    • Craft glue or hot glue gun
    • String
    • Paint brushes
    • Red acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint


    • Arrange five miniature craft sticks on the top and two standard craft sticks on the bottom to create the shape of a snowman hat.
    • Glue the sticks together and let them dry.
    • When the glue is dry paint the four top mini craft sticks and the bottom two craft sticks in black and the bottom mini craft stick in red. Let the paint dry.
    • Cut two leaves from the green felt and glue them to the hat. Glue three red buttons on top of the leaves.
  • Glue a string with a loop and the snowman hat is ready!

how to make tree ornaments from wine cork snowflakes

easy and fun DIY Christmas kid crafts wine cork reindeer

DIY snowman card Christmas greeting ideas kids crafts

DIY Christmas decoration ideas easy and fun button crafts for kids

cute ideas for christmas crafts kids activities DIY snowman

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