Easy Christmas paper crafts for kids – how to make festive decorations

by Kremy

Here are super cool and easy Christmas paper crafts for kids ideas which you can help you organize a small workshop and make festive decorations for your home. Every year, parents are looking for interesting Christmas crafts that can be great fun for children and engage them in the preparation for the holidays.

cute and easy DIY paper Christmas decorations kids craft ideas

These ideas can be used for making festive ornaments and decorate the home or for lovely handmade gifts for grandparents or teachers. The whole family can be included and you will have special moments together that create precious memories.

Easy Christmas paper crafts for kids – how to make trees

easy crafts for children paper christmas trees


Festive decorations can be made from the most unexpected materials: cotton pads, cones, dough, pasta, etc., but paper remains one of the most traditional and widely available materials. You can make anything from paper, not only applications, and you will find super easy Christmas paper crafts for kids tutorials and ideas in the gallery below.

The main symbol of winter holidays was and always will be the Christmas tree. Some people prefer live trees, others are conscious about Nature preservation and choose artificial trees, and some people simply do not want to spend money on a tree. What can be better than craft a tree with your kids? It doesn’t have to be big. You can make different types of trees and use them to decorate the table, the fireplace mantel, the kids’ bedroom, etc.

How to make cupcake liner Christmas trees

how to make paper christmas tree crafts for kids

You will need:

    • 12×12 Cardstock
    • Cupcake liners
  • Tape


    • Shape the cardstock into a cone and tape the ends. Cut the excess cardstock of the bottom.
    • Cut the center of the cupcake liners so that you have the ruffle part. Cover the tip of the cone with one of the centers of the liners that you just cut.
  • Start taping the ruffles from the bottom towards the top.

easy Christmas paper crafts for kids festive decorations

Another way to make beautiful Christmas trees from cupcake liners is to simply fold the liners, arrange and glue them to shape a tree. Even the smallest children will be able to cope with this option.

Easy Christmas paper crafts for kids – how to make heart angel

Christmas paper craft for kids angel ornament

What you need:

    • Cardboard in different colors
  • String


    • Cut out one large heart and two smaller ones.
    • Turn the large heart upside down. It will be the body of the angel.
    • Take the two smaller hearts and face pointy ends towards each other for wings. Tape the wings to the body.
    • Cut a circle for the head and tape it to the wings.
    • Turn the angel over and draw eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Punch a small hole and thread ribbon for hanging.

Easy Christmas paper crafts for kids – how to make a simple garland


What you need:

    • Colorful paper
  • Glue


    • Cut the paper into strips of the same width
  • Glue one strip into a ring. Each subsequent paper strip is passed through to the previous ring and glued.

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