Beautiful and festive DIY Christmas baubles ideas and tutorials

by Kremy

DIY original paper cut initials bauble and glitter star confetti

Baubles are one of the great classic symbols of Christmas and no other holiday has such a joyful and magical preparation period. We have selected some of the best DIY Christmas baubles ideas and tutorials which will help you create your unique decoration, festive atmosphere and an exclusive look and comfort to your home or make the best and most original gifts to friends, family, and coworkers!

DIY Christmas baubles ideas – easy tutorial and decorating techniques

beautiful DIY christmas ornaments ideas heart shaped baubles


DIY Christmas baubles ideas allow you to use your imagination and creative abilities and craft amazing tree ornaments or cute personalized gifts for friends and family. You can choose baubles from styrofoam which are available in craft stores, glass or plastic balls or even small terrarium orbs with an opening. Here are some interesting and original techniques for you!

How to make marbled Christmas baubles

diy marble christmas decorations unique bauble ornaments

You will need:

    • Glass baubles
    • Nail polish in colors of your choice
    • A bowl with water
  • Wooden skewers or sticks

marbled christmas baubles festive decorations


    • Fill a large bowl with water deep enough to submerge the baubles.
    • Pour in the nail polish and swirl carefully with a stick.
    • Attach a bauble to a stick and dip it into the water turning it to get the nail polish to stick all over.
  • Hang up and let it dry completely.

How to make yarn wrapped Christmas baubles

diy christmas yarn bauble ornaments

You will need:

    • styrofoam baubles
    • yarn
  • hot glue gun

diy yarn bauble tutorial tree ornaments ideas


    • Apply glue at the top of the bauble and stick the end of the yarn thread.
  • Start to wrap round the bauble gluing a small line at a time. Continue until you reach the bottom, cut the end and glue it.

How to make gold glitter Christmas baubles

diy unique christmas tree decorations gold balls

You will need:

    • Glass baubles
    • Masking tape
  • Gold paint and glitter

diy gold glitter christmas bauble tree ornaments tutorial


    • Use the tape to arrange different patterns.
    • Paint with gold paint and sprinkle with glitter.
  • Let the paint and glitter dry and peel off the tape. Clean the edges, if necessary, with utility knife.

How to make feather Christmas baubles

diy unique christmas decorations feather ball

You will need:

    • Glass or Styrofoam baubles
    • Craft feathers
    • Hot glue gun
  • Beads for decoration

diy christmas decorations bauble with feathers tutorial


    • Chop down craft feathers to shorter length.
  • Start glueing them around the bauble starting half way down. Then glue a row of feathers above with ends tucked into bauble cap. Finish off top and hide feather ends by gluing pearl or beads around the cap.

How to make filled Christmas baubles

diy christmas ornaments ideas bauble decorating tutorials

You will need:

    • Plastic baubles
  • Confetti, golden leaves, glitter, etc.

diy christmas decorations filled bauble ideas and tutorial


    • Open the bauble and fill the inside with your chosen items.
  • Sprinkle inside some glitter and close the bauble up. Shake it to distribute the glitter and add a matching ribbon.

DIY Christmas sequin baubles

DIY sequin christmas tree ornaments

What you will need:

    • Foam Balls
    • Beads
    • Pearl Pins
    • Sequin Pins
    • Glue
    • Silver Beads
  • Sequins


    • Use the pins to fix the sequins to the Styrofoam ball.
    • Continue until all the ball is covered with sequins.
  • Add a hook on the ball.

Quick and easy DIY glitter confetti baubles

DIY glitter confetti christmas tree ornaments

You will need:

    • Clear glass ornaments
    • Glitter confetti
    • A little bit of water
  • Piece of paper


    • Remove the hook from the ornament.
    • Fold a piece of paper in half and pour the glitter confetti into the folded piece of paper.
    •  With the help of the folded piece of paper fill the ornament with a good amount of confetti.
    • Pour 2-3 drops of water in the ornament and shake so the confetti sticks to the glass.
  • Let the ornament dry overnight and then put the hook back on.

Decoupage Christmas balls

DIY Christmas decoupage baubles ideas

You will need:

    • Glass balls
    • Decoupage paper
    • Decoupage glue
    • decoupage lacquer
  • Scissors

DIY Christmas baubles decoupage tutorial


    • Cut a piece of decoupage paper. Check if it can be wrapped around the ball.
    • Cut long notches at the top and the bottom of the paper.
    • Apply decoupage glue around the ball and attach the paper.
    • Apply more glue on top of the ball and with the help of the brush bend the cuts. Repeat at the opposite end.
  • Coat the ball with decoupage lacquer and let it dry.

DIY Reindeer bauble tree ornament

DIY finger print reindeer christmas tree baubles

You will need:

    • Balls of any color
    • craft paint
  • Sharpie marker

how to make finger print reindeer christmas tree ornaments


    • Put craft paint on a paper plate and have your child press their thumb into it.
    • Press onto ornaments and let the thumb print dry.
    • Once dry, use sharpie markers to draw two lines for the antlers and add “V”s to fill them in.
    • Draw two black dots for eyes.
    • Use red craft paint and the end of a paint brush to draw a dot for the nose.
  • Let dry.

diy christmas pom pom baubles original tree ornaments

unique christmas tree ornaments ideas tutorials

DIY sprinkles tree ornamens creative decorating ideas

DIY personalized baby bauble for Christmas

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