Bottleneck bangs are totally trendy in 2023! Learn what the bangs look like and how to style it properly

by Kremy

Timeless as they are, bangs have played an important role throughout the pandemic and lockdown, gracing the faces of many women. But just as all other evergreen hairstyles change a little every now and then and adapt to the times, so of course do the bangs: curtain bangs, wolf cut bangs and side bangs are good examples and now the bottleneck bangs are added. In today’s article we will briefly explain what this hairstyle trend 2023 is about, whether and how you can cut and style it.

Bottleneck Bangs – what is that?

Bottleneck bangs trend 2023 this is the fringe look like

The name “bottleneck” obviously describes the resemblance with bottle neck. The stylish bangs were inspired by the shape of the bottle – they fall in the center of the cheek area, and fan out in the area of the eyes and eyebrows. The styling is reminiscent of curtain bangs and wolf cut bangs, because all three are airy, loose and longer than the classic bangs. This fact also makes the fringe hairstyle so easy to care for, because it doesn’t have to be trimmed too often or, better said, it’s no problem if you skip a visit to the hairdresser. Basically, bottleneck bangs are an upgrade of curtain bangs.

Bottleneck Bangs 2023 are popular among celebrities

Bottleneck bangs 2023 the hairstyle trend


Celebrities also prove that bottleneck bangs are very trendy, and have been since last year. Both Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson have already presented the piece of jewelry which exudes 70s flair, and looked simply stunning. But who does the look actually suit?

Who can wear the bangs hairstyle?

Margot Robbie with attractive bangs and an elegant low ponytail

The hairstyle is most suitable for women with normal to slightly wavy hair. Bottleneck bangs look especially good with long hair. In addition, every face shape benefits from this styling. The round face, for example, is given an interesting contour by the layered frame, while square and angular faces appear softer precisely because of it. And by now, we all know that bangs hide a high forehead.

The stylist should pay attention to a length that reaches approximately to the cheekbones. A few more layers are then added up to the eyebrows.

Bottleneck Bangs styling tutorial

Bottleneck bangs look great with beach waves

Once you are the happy wearer of bottleneck bangs, all that remains is to style it well all the time. It’s best to do this while it’s still damp: part it the middle (make a middle parting) and blow dry the strands that now frame the sides of your face. Run your fingers through your hair to add volume.

For straight hair

Bottleneck bangs are an upgrade of curtain bangs

The bangs can also be styled with a round brush, which is a good idea especially for unruly hair. First blow dry the bangs straight down and forward. Use the round brush to pull the longer strands that frame the side of the face a little to one side so that they don’t fall too much on the face. Blow-drying also creates the typical casual look. You can add a little more texture with the help of hair pomade or hair wax. Rub a really very small amount between your fingers and sweep through the strands, slightly turning the tips outwards.

For curly hair

Bottleneck bangs for curly hair properly styled with a diffuser

Curly hair, on the other hand, will benefit from a diffuser. Work your favorite curly texture product into damp hair, then use the diffuser to dry. It is important that you hold the middle part of the bottleneck bangs together (with your fingers or a hair clip) so that the strands do not blow-dry apart.

Set with hairspray or another spray that provides hold and texture. For curly hair, opt for a hairspray with a lower holding strength so as not to weigh it down unnecessarily.

Can you cut bottleneck bangs at home?

Can you cut bottleneck bangs at home

If you’ve spontaneously decided to get bangs and can’t wait to visit your hairdresser, it’s tempting to try your hand or scissors yourself. However, we do not recommend this. This is because the hairstyle can be customized to fit your facial contours particularly well. For example, you can emphasize the cheekbones or not. These are small details that your hairdresser can best assess and properly implement. Therefore, you should think carefully about whether you really want to cut your bottleneck bangs at home.

Bottleneck Bangs Photo Gallery

Dakota Johnson presents her bottleneck bangs on the red carpet

Below you can take a look at some cool hairstyle ideas and decide for yourself if the look suits your taste and you want to make an appointment with your hairdresser. But we are sure that the bottleneck bangs will sneak into your heart.

Bottleneck bangs styling tutorial with hair dryer and round brush tips for curly hair

Bottleneck bangs look especially good with long hair

Bottleneck bangs look especially good with long layered hair

The fringe hairstyle is also possible with curly hair

bottleneck inspired bangs

Hairstyle by Margot Robbie

70s style hairstyles with bangs

Bottleneck bangs are modified curtain bangs

Hairstyle trends 2023 hide high forehead with bangs

Short hairstyle with bangs

Miley Cyrus short hairstyle with layered bangs

Straight hair is the perfect base for trendy bangs

Easy care bottleneck bangs by Billie Eilish

Elegant bangs

The fringe can look casual but also elegant

Lush bangs for more hair volume

Bangs hairstyle with a retro flair create more volume

The perfect bangs hairstyle for all face shapes!

Round faces appear narrower and angular faces get softer with this bangs hairstyle

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