What is an Italian Manicure? + How to Make Your Nails Look Longer!

by Radost P.

Having a well-maintained manicure is a sign that you take care of your appearance. Every type of manicure has its benefits and disadvantages. This is why it is wise to decide what’s the right choice for your nails. It can also depend on your preferences and style. Some women prefer more sophisticated manicures, while others are happy with the simple ones. If your nails are short or have a square shape, you might want to consider trying the Italian type of manicure. That is, if you only want to make them look longer. The Italian manicure is a smart technique that recently went viral on social media. Besides, it offers you the opportunity to experiment with different colors and shades. If you’re on the quest to learn more about it, keep on reading.

italian technique sophisticated classy

What is an Italian Manicure?

The main feature that differentiates the Italian style manicure from others is that it forms a ‘’U’’ shape. It starts halfway up on the right and left sides of the nail. In this way, if you have short nail beds, they start appearing longer.

How to do an Italian Manicure?

italian manicure vs french manicure


Most women prefer long nails, yet sometimes they might cause discomfort in day-to-day life. Besides, typing on a keyboard and many household chores may cause your manicure to break. Fortunately, there is another alternative. The goal of having an Italian style manicure is to make your nails look longer without risking breaking them. For this purpose, it’s best to use a nail polish that you can easily remove and a small nail brush. In terms of actually replicating the Italian technique, experts suggest to paint vertically and ‘’leave a small gap between the nail wall and gel’’. Moreover, when doing your manicure, make sure that you get as near as possible to the cuticles. In case you prefer simple and elegant manicure that can create the illusion of long nails, here are some top ideas from us.

Dark Red Manicure

dark red color simple longer nails

This is the perfect option if you have smaller nail beds. This shade is classic and is suitable for all seasons and occasions. A tip from us is to go on a date with it. The red color is associated with passion, so it can really make you more attractive in the eyes of others.

Ocean Blue Nails

ocean blue new trend polish

Isn’t this amazing? Probably one of our favorites. It’s a fresh and elegant option for women who find simplicity valuable and prefer simple manicures. It’s perfect for spring when flowers blossom. The light, shiny blue color enhances your femininity and makes you look confident in yourself. Also, it can make you feel more relaxed.

Nude Nuances

nude manicure nude colors classic nail polish


If you want to have a high-class appearance, this is the real deal. The benefit of choosing a nude manicure is that it is suitable for nearly all skin tones. So, if you choose this nuance, you can never make a mistake. Besides, it’s absolutely attractive! According to nail artists, the closer the nail polish color is to your skin tone, the longer your nails look.

Rainbow Italian Manicure

rainbow manicure colorful nails trendy manicure

Using the Italian manicure technique, you can literally experiment with all colors. There are no restrictions, so use your creativity. For great effect, don’t forget to apply compatible colors. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to stick to one shade only, this manicure might appeal to you. It can definitely make your day better.

Brilliant Pink Shade

pink manicure chick manicure confidence

This chick strawberry hue is the perfect one for the warm, sunny days. It will definitely make you look like a person who has high standards and doesn’t settle for less.

Classy Brown Manicure

ombre professional brown color classy

If you prefer natural and neutral shades, this stylish and graceful hue might be the right one for you. It is suitable for both professional events and everyday life. Generally, brown color signifies that you’re a warm and secure person. So why not give it a try?

Traditional Black Manicure

black manicure neutral color

Just like every woman should have a nice black dress in her wardrobe, going for a black manicure is always a good idea. The greatest advantage is that this manicure complements all colors, so you can wear everything. Besides, the black manicure is bold and powerful.

All in all, it’s possible to create the illusion of long nails without actually experiencing the discomfort that comes with them. This is why the Italian manicure is trending now, and you might not want to miss out on trying it. For the best possible results, don’t forget to paint it vertically with a small, professional brush. Also, keep in mind the tips that professionals give, if you’re not going to a salon. In case you lacked ideas, we hope that this article gave you some inspiration. Now, get your nail polish and start experimenting with your favorite colors!


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