When Is the First Day of Spring 2023? Celebrate It with These Fun Activities and Traditions!

by Kristiyana

Hello my lovelies! Are you already noticing how the days are getting longer, and the sun is shining stronger? That’s right, soon enough we will be saying a long-awaited goodbye to the cold winter days, and welcome a warm and blossoming Spring 2023! Spring is a season of new beginnings. It’s when the most beautiful flowers start to bloom, and when each of us can feel a little more cheerful and grateful. Birds are singing, kids are playing in the parks, everything livens up after the first day of spring. But when is it, and what is the spring equinox? What traditions and myths are associated with the start of this season? Keep on reading to find out!

When is the first day of spring 2023?

what is technically the first day of spring_is March 20 always the first day of spring

The first day of spring changes every year. The date is calculated based on the spring equinox, and it falls either on March the 19th, 20th or 21st. In 2023, the first day of spring is going to be March the 20th. The beginning of springtime has various meanings and associated traditions in different cultures. As an example, the first day of spring in the ancient Indian and Persian calenders marks the beginning of a new year. The 20th of March is the astronomical start of spring in 2023.

What is the spring equinox?

As already mentioned, the first day of spring is decided according to the spring equinox. This equinox is the moment when the sun is directly above the equator of the Earth. This occurs only twice a year on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. The sun crosses the equator from south to north either on the 20th or 21st of March, bringing warmth and light back to the Northern Hemisphere. After, the sun crosses back from south to north around the 22nd or 23rd of September, signalling the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the Southern.

First day of spring traditions & myths

myths about the first day of spring_first day of spring traditions


There are numerous traditions and myths associated with the beginning of spring. For starters, some believe that the first day of spring is a day of magical occurrences. There is a myth that if you place a raw egg to stand still on its end, it will remain in place. Apparently this is possible because of the magnetic and energetic changes that occur on this day. Other myths suppose that the spring equinox is when a gateway to hell opens. On this day, the devil can enter the human world. In Mexico, the first day of spring is celebrated with crowds gathering at the ancient El Castillo pyramid. This celebration of witnessing the spring equinox dates back to the construction of the pyramid around 1,000 A.D. Amazing, right?

First day of spring 2023 activities for children

spring 2023_activies for kids in spring

Wondering how to honour the first day of spring 2023 with your little troublemakers? Spring is the ideal time to spend time with your family outside. On a weekend, you can organize a picnic in the park or take a light hike. Most children love to be out in nature as they can freely run around without breaking anything! You can even organize a spring-inspired scavenger hunt for them. Make your kids look for signs of the coming spring like snowflake flowers, singing birds, etc. And an idea I myself loved as a child – set up a mud kitchen! As we all know, kids love to play in mud! Set up a mud station in your backyard or any other place you find available. All you need is some pots and pans, and leave the rest to your children!

Other ideas include:

  • picking not-endangered flowers for your home
  • making wreaths or branch & flower crowns
  • planting seeds in the garden
  • going cycling together
  • playing soccer in the backyard/nearby park

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“Hello, Spring” original greeting cards

welcome spring greeting cards_spring greeting cards

And why not celebrate the first day of spring with one of these beautifully-crafted by yours truly greeting cards? Send them to your loved ones to share the joy of the arrival of springtime!

greeting cards_flower greeting cards

Spring is when all your favourite flowers start to bloom. Spend some time outside with friends and family and enjoy the warmer weather.

greeting cards with flowers_tulips greeting cards

And how can one just not adore tulips? Yellow tulips are on of my favourite flowers. They create a sunny and light atmosphere. Ideal for springtime.

welcome spring card_first day of spring cards

Share your love for spring with this artistic “Hello Spring” greeting card design. This time, I am going to be the first one sending an e-card to my mother in the morning!

greeting cards with snowflakes_spring snowflake greeting card

And what marks the beginning of spring more than the blooming of snowflakes? Beautiful and delicate flowers, that light you up whenever you lay eyes on them.

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